Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to South Dakota

Where the interstate stretches out before you in undulating miles and a beacon of Americana awaits off every exit ramp. We saw our first Wall Drug sign at mile 75 and lost track at number 110. We blew by Wall Drug, but how can you pass up buying gas in Mitchell, home of the Largest Corn Palace in the world. Now, I only need to see the "Smallest Corn Palace" in the world and my life will be complete.
We hit the road at 4:10 am and about 9 hours later we pulled into Rapid City. A quick swim in the pool for the kids, a much needed nap for me and then the short drive up to Mount Rushmore.
It's hotter then an oven here, 107 yesterday- 105 today. but a cold front is coming through, so it ought to be in the miod 80's tomorrow. Perfect driving weather to make the trek to Colorado- a seven hour drive. Contrary to HG opinion, Chopper is doing just fine on the drive.
I'm off for a quick run before it gets to 95- I sympathize with you southern folk now.