Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Turkeys

I'm posting on an old post because Blogger won't let me add new posts right now- so this is a test- which didn't really work.  So, I'll have to get Tac to work on this for me.  Ug. 

On the way to the Summit of Boreas
What a view!
Playing in the creek

Cross training
King of the Mountain!

Playing at altitude-the kids don't seem effected as much as the adults

We are having a great time in Breckenridge. Spent Weds in Copper Mtn and the Kahuna estate, with Stronger and kids and the Grayhounds-swimming, tanning, snacks, cold beer, watching the lifts run up the mountain-that works. Adult night out at the local brew pub for dinner. Words aren't enough to describe the richness of fellowship with this group of fine people. I'm starting my own personal mission to get Mrs. Grayhound posting- you all or y'all would love getting to know her as much as I have.

The Dummies come in tonight, the 3X assault is Saturday so a romping good pasta feed is in the works Friday night. I have to weight Bolder down somehow so we can keep up with him during the day.

Happy trails!