Sunday, July 31, 2005

I want all my stuff back!

Have you registered yet?

So, we're back to Hell's kitchen again-92 degrees and humid, only today it is windy just for good measure. Humid + Windy =Great IMFL bike training day.

You could feel the humidity gathering in the air last night and my toes and ankles confirmed the rising dew point. So, even with A/C sleeping is difficult.

This might help explain why MN Tridaddy kept poking me through the night exclaiming

VICTORIE!! like some sort of Italian Biking god.

Poke, poke, poke

"I want my stuff back"

Poke, poke, poke

MN Tridddy talks in his sleep. I've been known to talk back. Not in my sleep, but rather fully, or at least semi concious. Somewhere in my mind I must hear him rambling and then some meddling imp takes over my brain and conjugates a response guaranteed to confuse and befuddle his dream.

MN TD: "They have guns, we have to get them. Where did they go? Are they upstairs"

Imp: They went down by the river, under the bridge.

Tridaddy mind spinning, contemplating, how did a river and bridge appear in his dream?

MNTD: "expletive! Go, go, go! We have to catch them"

and off he runs.

Poke, poke, poke.



I want my stuff back"

Imp: Oh take your stuff, it's a bunch of broken down crap anyhow.

Restless shifting ensues accompanied by dejected sighs.

Act II

MNTD: You put that leg down! You put that leg down or I'm going to...

Oh, this could be trouble


Tridaddy's hand came down on the small of my back with a hollow thud.

Boy, that didn't feel like a leg- poke, poke, pat.

Tridaddy rolls over wondering just where did that impressive musculature of a back come from? Where did the leg go?

At this point I moved to the couch, just to be safe.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Help a good cause

I am not an overtly political person. I have my worldview, and my ideologies, and I willingly discuss these with family and friends. I tend to live at the level of questioning what I am doing to effect change in my world and to worry about accountability for my life. To this end, I give the support I can to the issues I care about and keep informed about the wider world around me. I have no idea when the semi annual sale is at Macy's and couldn't tell you the latest fashion trends, although HG did mention that everything is supposed to be a chocolate hue this fall-how novel is that? I do know the names of the leaders and the social policies and histories of a good deal of the world and I'm acquainted with the life styles and struggles of said populations-by no means exhaustively. I've volunteered and worked in the inner city of Minneapolis and possess just an inkling understanding of the challenge of inner city life.

I know just enough to know that this stinks. (I can't get the perm link to link so scroll to the story) I know you can't separate government money from politics, can you separate any part of our life from politics? Irregardless of your political philosophy, you can't help but be angered on behalf of the kids and families of the Gloria Wise center. Granted, Air America and MSM and the board of directors will be spinning faster then Lance to obviate the truth, and as irratating as that is, the real problem won't be addressed. The kids at this center are currently being shuffled around to other agencies because their center was closed. Given the operating budget of the center, I suspect they served a lot of kids. I love google, here's the break down:
Gloria Wise Community Center By the Numbers

The Gloria Wise Community Center is one of the largest social service organizations in the Bronx; it manages:
4 Early Childhood Education centers.
27 Youth centers
1 Sleep away camp
5 Senior centers

Annual Participants:
300 children ages 3 and 4 years.
Over 10,000 youth ages 5 to 21 years.
Over 1,500 older adults, age 55 or better.

Program services began:
Pre-school, 1972
Youth services, 1977
Senior services, 2000

181 full-time
548 part-time

Budget managed:
$17.2 million
Budget distribution:

Pre-school: 22%
Youth services: 48%
Camp: 3%
Older Adults services 12%
Administration: 13%
Development: 2%

How much political s@#* does it take to drown 12,000 kids and seniors? I can guarantee the sage directors of this fraud aren't sitting with grandma or toddler for the afternoon so some single mom can go to her $8.00/hr job so she can come home and cook up the Hamburger Helper after a 10 hour day. So, she'll have to skip work and they'll have Helper for dinner tonight, wondering where teenager is because there is no place for him to hang out, but there are plenty of gang bangers and drug pushers looking for recruits, runners, pushers etc.

These families need these places, they are the rare insulator from all the retrobate living around them. Yes they are run with government money, but should they be destroyed by politics?

If you're irked as I am, please considering registering for the Castaway Club Triathlon. The proceeds of this tri benefit
and they have a good history of using their money well.

I've go a link to register in the side colume-just let me know if you do and I'll pick up your swag and mail it to you. You can register as a ghost runner, but you should let them know what you are doing.

If not this, consider contacting your favorite charity that has an affiliate in the Bronx, as they will need help in these days as they will have to pick up the slack for GWC.

Ok, rant done
Have a good weekend

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cue the horror movie music

Bolder has me scared now. I feel as though I have stepped into an Alfred Hitchcock movie like "The Birds" only this one would be called "The P-Dawgs" with the leader looking a little like Randy-pre Adkins. To compound my fear, I suggested Kahuna glue the squirrels tail to the seat of his bike, just to tweek his M-i-L.

John Cusack had no fears compared to this

Sasha suggested she was going to hide under her covers and hope the gophers protect her. Being as they can't defend their own end zone, I think I'd buy a shot gun-or at least a supersoaker.

Now before I alienate half the animal loving blogosphere I better show you this

This sweetheart's name is Leila, a hungarian puli and great family dog-who wouldn't be alive today if she relied on anyone in the family but me to feed her, water her, walk her and clean up after her :) Although, she loves to harrass the squirrels, so I guess that only gives me a few redemption points.

So there's this

Butterfly rescue- I'm not real hopeful, but at least we gave it a good effort.

Finally, some perspective. We have a very large population of these Which has drawn at least one mountain lion into a 7 mile radius from where I live. The 30 or so calls to the MN DNR have received a response as follows: "Don't worry about the mountain lion, there is such a large deer population that the lion shouldn't bother anything. Just keep your kids out of his territory at dusk and away from his den" Tell that to the neighbors dog who is missing a leg.

It's a delicate dance, this stewardship of our world.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Training,gerbils, and one big slide

That guy is so funny, I can't wait to meet him in Florida.

That's the problem with having a tridaddy. He has his sights set on Florida for me, and there is just no getting around it. This can be the greatest motivator and well, let's just say on the days when I'd gladly roll over and go back to sleep I don't always appreciate the foot in my hiney getting me out of bed.

Today I am just tired-dog tired. I think it is the combination of over training last week, in such extreme heat, a long hard run Saturday and very long days of work. I know wah wah- the whole country is living in the devil's armpit, but I'm tired boss, real tired.

I rode 12 miles this am, skipped my swim and came home and slept for 2 hours. Now, I can go take on that swim. Bonus for the kids!

Yesterday I took the tribe to a great park by our house, commonly referred to as "Chutes and Ladders".

Of course you have to ladder and chute if you go, so why don't you come along and feel my pain (ok, actually it is really fun)

So, first there is this-

Then This

Then you make an effort to disengage the pretzel position and ta da

Now it's my turn

Then it hits me. Oh, right, this is the slide that BNB and I decided to ride together last year. Hey let's see how fast we can go. As the g forces distorted our faces, my brain calculated our current velocity, rate of acceleration, degree incline and the space allocated to landing and then it occured to me- we aren't going to stop at the bottom are we?

So, emergency measures were intiated, did you ever notice that dragging your hands on the side of a slide does nothing to slow you down when you are doing mach 1?

I knew it was over when we saw day light. Bump, bump, scrape slide stoooopppp! Funny how quickly speed terminates when enough friction is generated between a bare butt and playground cinders.

Let's do it again!

Mom, you're a gerbil. You're adorable too BNB.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Little Help Here?

Tridaddy has an employee, Red Bull Boy, who has ADHD like energy yet he drinks uber energy drinks, so let's just say he is a bit kinetic. I like RBB, so this made me laugh. RBB was working in a home where a young fit looking guy lived. Now, RBB works hard, very hard and his exasperation grew through the day as homeowner just sat in his chair chatting on his cell phone. People waited on him hand and foot, and he wiled away the day with the tv, phone calls and the like. Towards the end of the day RBB dropped a tool from the heights of a 20 foot ladder right next to homeowner's chair. When homeowner didn't lean down and at least offer the tool up to RBB it was more than he could take. "A little help here?" No response. "Don't worry, I'll get it." Was the sarcastic comment of RBB as he stooped over to retrieve the tool.

"He's a quadriplegic." came the terse response of the girl who had been "serving" homeowner all day.

Only RBB--only RBB.

Informed perception definitly has it's advantages. So does knowing the capabilities of the people you ask for help. So

A little help here?

I had a long run Saturday- 16.5 miles saturday, (which I thought was 17.4 but more on that later) so I had some time to contemplate life, and here are just some of the presenting issues:

1) I'm reaching the point that I'd rather scrape chewed gum off the pavement rather than gag down another gel-any thought for how to down that stuff without hairball- ing?

2) I feel a certain "kindred spirit" with any other soul out running at 5 am, so what's the deal with the 20 something who throws the "yea you're out here running too, but I've got a better body" bitchy look.

Hey barfly, 4 kids and 15 years with tridaddy-your point?

3) There is bloody nipples for guys, but my problem is headlights. The young buck scenario is a crash waiting to happen.

Neither the looker nor the looked at be = 15 years of wedded bliss

So short of a metal brassiere, any reccomendations? Ladies?

4) Quite possibly the worst solution is the pink jog bra which managed to "highlight" the head lights. (look closely- the pink dots were like a UFO beacon when they were wet)

5) Why does my white shirt have a tire track crossing the midsection? It wasn't there when I left this morning

6) Yesterday I gave Standing Long Jump a piece of gum which following about 45 seconds of mastication, Gingerbread manned from his mouth to the hot asphalt. SLJ rose to the challenge of Gingerbread Man gum retrieving it from said pavement. As he moved to return it to his mouth he noted the embedded asphalt. Let's see, how to clear dirt from something, why wipe it on your shirt of course. Never mind that it is sticky chewing gum that just might adhere to every shirt fiber it contacts.

Is there hope for this boy?

7) At the end of a 16.5 mile run, why do all hills lead to home. (ok, I'll help you out, I live at the top of a hill)

8) I love The Who. That's not a question, just a statement, but a dilemma none the less when you are trying to make an MP3 mix which is all 1985.

9) I love Lynard Skynard, especially when "Give Me Three Steps" is the song that queues up at the bottom of the Hill That Leads To Home. That's also not a question, except I have no idea when that song published.

10) When you get to the end of the 17.4 mile run and your watch only says 2:08:42 and you realize that you only circled the 2nd lake once so you really have only travelled 15 miles but you've already taken all the pack mule equipment off and began to stretch and settle in for doughnuts and Saturday morning cartoons what do you do?

hint: You strap the mp3 back on and kick out 2 more on your 1 mile neighborhood circle.

11) What do you do Sunday when you realize after driving your course again that the 15 miles is really 14.5 and you wanted to do 17 and really only did 16.5?

The answer to this better have the letters "G" "P" "S" in it.

12) If above answer does have "G" "P" "S" in it, any suggestions on which tribe member to sell in order to solve #11? Ok, maybe they aren't that expensive.

13) Is it a problem when "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett is the favorite Radio Disney song of choice for the tribe and you can sing along as loud as them because it was the favorite Roller Garden song of choice when you were Hyphen Girl's age?

14) Is it even more of a problem that you look like a total idiot driving your mini van down the road with the tribe singing your lungs out because you really liked that song back then too?

14) Do all Radio Disney dj's regularly swallow razor blades to "enhance" there voice? Or is it just me?

15) When Buck Naked Boy is admonished to aim for goodness sakes when he relieves himself and he responds that only pee pee goes in the toilet- only pee pee and not the keys, just how strong a solution of bleach should I use? If it causes me to see my skeleton is it too high a concentration?


16) Borrowing from Robo Stu, "So, what are doing to get ready today?"

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sisterhood of the Sweaty Singlet

Sisterhood, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Hyphen Girl and Swinging Girl wanted to take on a 5K challenge this summer, neither having run farther than a mile previously. In the spirit of "the pants" (sort of, I wasn't a fan of the movie, but that's a different post) we entered the race and trained in the singlets. We wore them to train, didn't wash them, and ironically couldn't find HG's on the day of the race. That didn't deter us, or the girls as they raced their first ever 5K!

Torchlight 5K

92 degrees with lots of humidity and lots of traffic. We had to "race" to the registration table and with minutes to spare we registered SG and picked up our t-shirts. The race began at the Basilica (the oldest and largest in North America) If there was a patron saint of hot, humid 5K's we were going to need them.

Basilica, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

With 3000 of our closest friends and thousands of parade spectators lining the sidewalks we begin our 5K Odyssey.

race start, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

I took pics along the route, the blurry ones are when I was running-so jump up and down and this will look normal-ok, ok then.

spectators, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

One of my favorite historic theatres in downtown. Note what's playing- "The Little Shop of Horrors" classic.

The Orpheum, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Look mom, I have beads of sweat-I've never had beads of sweat! It's the little things-isn't it?

beads of sweat, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

The one mile water stop. You simply haven't run a race until you have passed a water stop, thrown water over your head and chucked the cup to the sidewalk. Live it up HG!

water stop 1, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

At about the 1.5 mile mark we arrived at this expansion bridge-not Golden Gate, but amazing all the same. A model of efficiency, they built it from the two banks but discovered a 1 foot differential when they met in the middle-oops!

Expansion Bridge, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Aaahhh, Grain Belt. Possibly the best summer beer available. So, you can imagine my dismay when they closed the factory a few years back. There was such a public outcry that another local brewery (in Wisconsin!aaagghh!) purchased the name and recipe. Unlike football, Wisconsin knows cheap summer beer though and Grain Belt is Back!

Grain Belt, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

There are numerous bridges that span the Mississippi and Minnesota River, but none more celebrated than the Stone Arch bridge. No, really, every solstice and equinox all the local pagans dance and celebrate on the bridge as it is rumoured to have mystical power-I'm not so sure about that, but it did our running legs good to know it was the last bridge before the finish line.

Stone Arch Bridge, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

So we ran a little, and walked a little and ran a little more. Step by step we made our way towards the finish line. The girls didn't quit, they didn't cut corners, they cramped and they ached, but they kept running.
We made it! The Finish line! Way to go Hypen Girl and Swinging Girl!

Finish Line, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

We raced to the Humpty Dome. Minnesota-ens are a nice group, this guy even waved for the camera.

Finish Line, Dome, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Gotta love a race that ends in beer! As promised, Michelob was serving up no carb, no taste, "it's raining beer" post race beverages-thank you thank you thank you.

Beer, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Cheers to Hyphen Girl, Swinging Girl and Tridaddy (yes, I shared) welcome to the world of 5k ers.

Vive le Lance

vive le Lance, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

I took this pic of some Lance supporters at last night's race, and I'm glad I did. Al called me on the carpet for a comment I had posted about Lance and doping on TGD.

Al was right, I was trafficking in cheap, water cooler gossip-bad form Trimama, bad form.

Thanks for the catch Al.

I don't know what to think of Lance, other than what he is doing is amazing and amazing people attract criticism-at times from credible sources. Lance has never failed any of the rigorous drug tests of his sport-so

Vive Le Lance!

speedo envy

speedo envy, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

For all you tri geek guys intimidated by the thought of wearing a red speedo, here's one more layer of fear. You can only hope to look this good in a speedo :)
BNB took the his allegiance to the red speedo seriously; taking his sister's razor he shaved his legs while "doing his business" that afternoon. I have got to get that boy some adequate reading material.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Sisterhood of the sweaty running singlet

Hyphen girl, neighbor girl and I are running a 5K tonight. It will be the first 3 mile race for either of the two of them, so it will be fun. If you signed up at a running shop you received a running singlet to wear race night. HG and I have been training in ours, it's one of the rules of the 5K pact we made. Another rule is that we couldn't wash the singlets until after the race. They don't smell so good right now, in spite of the many sprinklers they've encountered. This is the only race I know that ends in beer. Literally. They have beer for all the finishers. Well, all the "of age" finishers. Lucky me, 3 runners each entitled to 2 cups of beer- I think that makes 6 glasses of beer for trimama. I suppose I can share a few with tridaddy as he will have to manage the rest of the tribe during the race. I think I am going to run the race backwards, that should be good for training with the added benefit of talking them through the race.

Neighbor girl actually will henceforth have the name "swinging girl". She de-stresses from the rigors of Junior High by swinging in her back yard. She has retired 3 swings to date, Junior High is very stressful. She has also baby sat the tribe since forever, that has to account for at least one swing's demise.

We have a hilarious older neighbor down the street. He is slightly senile and a severe diabetic. He has managed to sneak out of the house these past 2 days much to his wife and convict son's disapproval, he just wanted to take a walk in his new shoes. The first day they made him dizzy and he found himself on the curb, unable to get up with his walker. I called the paramedics for help because the last time he went down it was in front of my house and strong as I might be, I can't lift 190 pounds dead weight. I went up to sit with him while waiting for the PM's and we had a nice chat about Swinging Girl (SG). He sits and watches her swing, 200 revolutions one time by his count. I guess that's what you do when you are old and sick and your wife doesn't let you out of the house, you count swings. He was giggling with amusement when I told him she'd worn out 2 swings. He told me he could make it to his feet if I just gave him a hand, and what do know, we got him upright in no time. As we walked and talked our way back towards his house the PM's arrived, and we told him all is well. The convict appeared and read him the riot act, which was degrading and undeserved. But the convict living at home with mom is the only thing that keeps him out of a nursing home, so he shrugs his shoulders and hides the smile on his face. Yesterday he took a stroll down to a neighbor's house. She wasn't home and he was stranded on her steps. HG and SG came for me because they are afraid of the convict. This time neighbor had his super industrial walker complete with off road package and captain's chair. 1-2-3 up and we were off again. It took a few rest stops but we were onto the street in no time. It was a lovely day for a walk as he told me how he'd gone out yesterday and the PM's had come. I remember that too, neighbor. But you did ok. We completed the walk up the street discussing the merits of exercise.

I'm not going to be home today, so I hope neighbor doesn't go out walking, but I'll be here for him tomorrow.

Because sometimes a man just needs to get out for a walk.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crashed mother board

So much to tell and so little time. We converted from pc to Mac 3 weeks ago and all was going well. Mac rocks! Well at least it is supposed to, but our's had some defect in the motherboard or some such nonsense. It's in the shop and is due back today. Yea!! Because I have Lifetime Tri pics and stories- including working with pro Beth Hibbard and the $160,000 smile.

Also to come:

Speedo envy

A thanks to my sponsors

Swimming with ducks

Music choices

A tri geek alliance challenge

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Taming the Wave in "06

Kahuna has me thinking as I refine my goals and priorities (a little pregnancy scare will do that to you). Prior to this year I was a person serious about health and fitness, so I ate well, worked out regularly, and took pretty good care of myself and family.

At about the same time that I made the decision to train for a tri, a link for Tri Geek Dreams popped up at the top of talk show host, Hugh Hewitt's web site. There I encounter the gregarious Kahuna and his training partners in pursuit of Wildflower. Kahuna, a self admitted weekend warrior reaching for the brass ring of triathlon-a course so challenging it is the venue for the college 1/2 iron championship. Not only does the trio grasp the ring, they rip the bolts clean out of the wall, not because they won the race, but because they raced with such courage, determination and sportsmanship they set an example that compelled many other athletes to rise to the challenge of their own races. (MN Tridaddy for one) I check in with the Kahuna, the Commodore, Iron Will, Trimama 2, Flatman, Chivalry Man, vertical Man, the other Tridaddy, Fitchick and others daily, and because they are there, I don't quit. In fact I train harder, because it is fun to tell you all about it and hear your stories of challenge, victory and defeat.

A couple of posts ago Kahuna told the story of taking on an enormous wave in Hawaii, and despite his reservations regarding safety and sanity, he tamed that monster of a wave on a crazy little surfboard. He's a weekend surfer who takes on a pro's wave, and comes out on top.

Getting your geek on versus Taming the Wave

I have guy in a red speedo and running shoes, holding a bike wheel strongly exhorting me from the tailgate of my minivan to "Get your geek on". and I do, or at least I try to, every day. Four of those days that involves a premeditated workout that will make me a stronger athlete and a growing challenge to the gals in my age group (without me snapping at their heels, they wouldn't hit the podium, so, I'm training my bite) The other days I get my geek on by all the little choices that I make to eat well, sleep enough, moderate my vices. I do all this because there is always a little challenge to conquer. Swim farther, swim faster, bike hills, aero longer, fear less, peddle harder, run faster, run farther, and above all train. I arrive at races, set my transition spot and then it hits me, I love being alive. I love being a triathlete. I love the atmosphere and challenge of the races. And I share that with every person I encounter. I smile and laugh and chat with total strangers. I meet new friends and say hi to recent acquaintances. I cross the finish line and so far (4 races, 3 tri, 1 road) I've been pleased with the results.

Did you know "triathlon" isn't even in the spell check lexicon.

It's a comprehensive lexicon.

I have some raw athletic talent, relics from high school and college days, that seem to be rehoning with this training. Reality check though, I have neither the financial ability (elite bikes, weekly races, paid trainers) nor the time (weekends consumed, daily training) to coax that talent to the podium. I'll get close, I'll stay in the upper edge of the pack, but barring a Tour like bike pile up, I'll probably never see the stage floor boards. A little frustrating for a person who led a lot of the sports teams she was on.

Now Kahuna has that brass ring, probably thrown in the trunk of his car some where, and he threw down the gauntlet to come surfing with him. Not the little weekend waves of Southern California, but the big 10 foot Hawaiian monsters, or more aptly put, the Florida giant surf of Iron Man.

A weekend warrior taming the big waves?

Works for me.

Principally becasue all those weekend surf sessions (which I love) keeps me motivated and prepares me to swim out into the surf, pick the biggest mother wave and ride it to the finish or die trying.

That my friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Iron man isn't in the lexicon either.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I have cursed thy rod and staff, they no longer comfort me

No, I am not pregnant

Sorry guys, didn't mean to be so obscure about the pregnancy thing. I realized the rabbit thing doesn't make sense if you didn't read my comment on TGD about who is in for Florida. I commented that the rabbit didn't die and I'm in. It's an old wives tale saying.

However, allow me to explain, in as little detail as possible. For 6 months I was on a 27-28 day cycle, prior to that, 2 years of 28-29 days. So, I was expecting the normal Friday deadline. Historically, 2-3 days later then normal meant I was pregnant (6 times in 7 years) Couple this with having the stomach flu coincide with the extra days (another imminent sign of preganancy), having a friend who got pregnant 5 years post vas, and my head began to spin a little.

A little history:

I had 1 year to go with my college degree/dietetics program when tridaddy and I began to think it was time to begin to plan to start a family. I was going to work the summer I graduated and we were going to take a long planned trip to Europe in the fall, then upon returning we would start trying for a family. I assumed it would take a while trying before I got pregant. It took one month and I spent my senior year pregnant. No Europe. No start to career (which was a good thing for me, I don't think I would have been a very good working mom-too much work, too little mom, and I'd never have known.) Then came 2 miscarriages, and then Soapinator. When she was born I had a great part time job and was very happy with my life. Then, in spite of 3 very effective forms of birth control Standing Long Jump came along when Soap was 7 months. I didn't want to be pregnant then either, but he has been the biggest blessing, however his birth compelled another directional shift (3 kids in day care? I don't think so) Buck Naked Boy came along next at yet another time of paradigm shift which he didn't originate but he did give momentum to.

So it stood to reason, kids have been an effective rod and staff in my life, sheperding me in different directions. I missed my period, I felt pregnant and maybe it was time to re think my life direction. I didn't want that abrupt a directional change, and I cursed the rod and staff which so often comfort me. (U2 with Bob Dylan, "Love Rescue Me" an all time greatest song)

The degree to which I reacted was informative for me, and it is causing me to assess my priorities and the way I think, and the way I think about how I am thinking. Ironically, I train best when training occupies that right position in my life, namely for me when I don't possess it, don't hold it too dear, or too close and yet embrace it as an awesome part of the crucible molding this jar of clay.

For now, I'm very content to have that jar only carry one life, but ready for all options as they come. I think, I hope.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

So, is this worth training for?

With my morning pace I'd cross in 3:36-giving me 9 minutes to water/gel/stretch.....and qualify in myy age group

What? No Beer?

What is all this talk of junk food and no mention of beer? Oh, maybe nature's nectar doesn't count as junk food-it is mostly water. So here is my question, why is it that the hotter it is the cheaper the beer and the colder it is the pricier the beer. To elaborate, in the middle of summer when it is hot and humid only "silver bullet", "Old Shoe", and Grain Belt Premium (you know the stuff that cost $6.00 a case) is the stuff that tastes the best. But in winter only $2.00 a bottle micro brews will do? I'm typing like I drank a 6 pack, but I think you get the point.

By the way, TCM training is moving along- 15.5 miles in 2:08:46. I did stop my watch 3 times when I stoped at the biffy, stopped to fill the water bottle, and stopped to gel and fill water bottle.

Oh, and if the gel is burping up, is it still going down?

Friday, July 08, 2005

My Playlist

The Current and...

And the rest will have to wait as it seems the old favorite, slam the front door, slam the back door, slam the front door once again, is the sound track of choice right now.

Close that door Now, the AC is on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be back

The Rabbit what?

Click here if you were curious


Tag, you're it!

New favorite song. No, really, that's the name of it, just came on the radio, (I love irony) by Charlie and the Wildcats (jazz).

I'm working on my song list, but the greater dilemma is to know who to tag, tag backs don't work so well in this game. If you're still running around, let me know--pleeeaaassseee.

The Vibrator thingey

There was a tent at Minneman where they demo'd these.

I had to think about it, but I had no muscle soreness Sunday. Now whether that was the compex unit or the lack of hills on the course I don't know. But I thought it was worth another try, so I'll look for them at another race and keep you posted.

(You'll have to paste this one, I'm still working on how to link in paragraph-am I missing something obvious?)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

And to think, she went on to be First Lady

rizzo1, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Marty: What's with you tonight?
Rizzo: I feel like a defective typewriter.
Marty: Huh?
Rizzo: I skipped a period.
Marty: Think you're P.G.?

Tridaddy-Man of Steele

Tridaddy-man of steele, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

While still no definitive answer, my sanity returned today. I ran at the Y yesterday with Hyphen Girl. We began on the treadmills as CNN unfolded the stories of one mom who anxiously awaits the results of military jets searching for her daughter's body and another family devastated by 1 kid missing, 1 molested, others dead. It feels very foolish to lament life in the face of that.

Huge thanks to all of you for your encouragement, it's good to be reminded to take life in stride. I shouldn't focus so on controlling the things that can't be.

That being said,

I should have dumped this on him a little earlier in the month. :)

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The Fabulous 4th!!

With guys like these, it's easy to think of adding another to the mix. We had a great time with family and friends on the 4th. Of course no great event goes without it's preparation, so here we prepare for our little 4th venue

Body Marking

tatooing, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Obligatory bicep flex pose

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Standing Long Jump with his stylish mental preparations

hair spray, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Soapinator getting on her "race face"

race face, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

Let the games begin!

We went for the classic 4th celebration complete with 3 legged race, water ballon toss, kickball, kiddie parade, fireworks, really big fireworks and of course food-lots of food.

water balloons, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

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kid parade

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3 legged race

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Immaculate conception?

I began this year with a quasi insane idea that I wanted to compete in a triathlon. This little seed of thought quickly burgeoned into a rennovation of personality; I didn't just want to compete in a triathlon, I wanted to be a triathlete. I mapped out training, read books, answered friend's and family's incredulous questions, talked to other tri geeks and started reading tri blogs. I joined a tri club, revamped my bike, bought equipment (I own a friggin wet suit for crying out loud) and trained some more. Initially my hubby watched from a distance, a little doubtful but glad that I'd found a hobby that suited me. (He was growing tired of the piles of scrapbooking material that sat un-scrapped, the knot of knitting yarn and needles that never moved and etc)

Then I competed in my first tri, lost 15 pounds and had a confidence and smile that had been missing from my life for quite a while. The tri community is an infectious and welcoming one, and in no time hubby had moved from peering over the fence to standing in the outfield. Once I taught him what I knew about swimming and his endurance grew he was ready to step up to the plate and join the team. June 6 made it official, hubby became MN Tridaddy crossing the Buffalo sprint finish line.

We celebrate anniversary #15 this August and they have been good years. However, with 4 kids (6 pregnancies), a college degree, and numerous other sordid life details, we have had little time for more than long, slow, distance plodding. Now, we are having the time of our lives training and racing together. It's like going back to our dating years when we fell in love playing tennis, riding his motorcycle, biking etc. The kids are catching on to the fun of it all as well.

We had 4 kids in 6 years (gives you an idea how poor most birth control devices work) and when BNB was 2 1/2 we were ready to call it a day and MN Tridaddy left a 1/4 inch of his Vas Deferens at the men's clinic.

Now for any of 500 nuances in physiology I haven't visited the red tent yet this month. Although I'm only at day 31 of the whole cycle, I am apoplectic with irrationality and dismay.

I D O N ' T W A N T T O B E P R E G N A N T!!!!!

I want to race Castaway Bay, and TCM, and Grandma's Marathon, and the Northwoods 1/2 Iron and yes Florida '06. I want to be a tri geek blogger and a Gear West Tri Club member and train with Tridaddy and continue to enjoy this part of life for at least a little while longer.

I don't have easy pregnancies. I have 20 weeks of throw up and 20 weeks of swallowed gasoline heartburn-goodbye base. Then 12 weeks of no sleep and 12 months of impossible weight loss, and at least 2 years of newborn- nursing-toddler- diaper changing -make workouts difficult if not impossible- time before I can even think about endurance training again.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I love being a mom. I love being a stay at home mom.

I just love triathlon as well, and it's all fitting together right now.

I hate when things fall apart, it feels like the big hands compelling universal motion are playing a cruel game, and I don't like being played.

In case you're wondering, if I am pregnant we accept the hand we are dealt and see it to the end. I've seen too much violence and destruction in my life to end the life of another, especially one whose only fault is being the product of super Tridaddy's able to leap tall buildings and Grand Canyon chasms in a single bound sperm.

So, there you have it. I've been late once or twice before, but in general 1 day late was 1 child more.

I guess no matter the outcome, it's good to evaluate the things in hand, the things you value, and understand what you hold and what holds you.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Commodore's new do

Commodores new do, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

As I mentioned, work was a little slow Friday night. That might explain why when I saw this picture it made me think of a certain former infantryman who is going counter counter culture and growing out his hair.

Com is a nice guy, so I hope he doesn't mind me treading slightly on his personal space :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

My Booty's broken

Buck naked boy just informed me of this.
Instant mom check searching for broken bones, but he's not crying, so what's the deal?
What do you mean, your booty is broken?
Right here, it's broken.
Actually, BNB everyone has a that crack there, it's how God made you.
So we can tell who the plumbers are.
Booty, booty, booty booty booty. He's off and singing his favorite word now.

Booty is one of those words that we substituted for Butt. At the time it just seemed less crass. Little boys will be little boys, though and barely a sentence escapes his mouth that doesn't include one of two "swim suit area" body parts, god love him.

MN Tridaddy (as opposed to Tar heel tridaddy-because no, I don't have 2 hubby's) is out running a 10K race. It's in one of our local small towns that still do all the great 4th parade, picnic, bands, fireworks things. I love the 4th and would be out running with him except that we have this "little" party at our house today. Started as 25-30 people, expanded to goodness only knows how many, but one friend had called 40 families-not people, families. That's in addition to the neighbors, family and friends we invited. I feel like I've Twilight Zoned into that Breck commercial where you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on. We'll have fun and if the house is still standing tomorrow I'll post pics. Last year the city almost burnt the house down with fireworks cinders, we were picking them up in the yard for days.

Our local radio station is playing a tribute to the USA by playing songs all day that name every state. Just heard Simon and Garfunkel "watching the cars on the New Jersey turnpike, they've all come to look for America" very cool and a fun little game to play with friends at your next party.

So have a great, safe 4th everyone! I for one am going to enjoy the great country we live in and give thanks to all the good men and women who serve and keep us safe today!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Minneman Sprint

Swim 9:30 (600 yards)
T1 2:01 (surprisingly slow, but I was out of breath from the swim)
Bike 44:26 (13 miles on Frankenbike- name change to follow)
T2 1:51 (Tridaddy caught me on the bike in spite of my 3 min wave head start. He takes forever to tie his shoes, but we wanted to run together. By my watch this was 52 secs.
run 24:07 3 miles (slowest to date. note to self, yes that gel is really important at mile 8 on bike-brain bonked)

TOTAL 1:21:53!!!!!!

If you notice the arm

Swim 12
out of T 14 (2 min)
bike 54 (40 min-I thought it was a 12 miler-it was 13)
out to run 56 (2 min)
finish 120 (which would be a PB by 5+ mins)

I'll take the 1:53 for the extra mile on the bike.

Race report to follow soon-Although one great thing of day I got to meet Chivalry man and his fiance. How cool is that to run into a fellow blogger on the road to the transition zone.

Goals etched in flesh

goals in flesh, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

It was a slow night at work at the Y, so I had time to carve my goals in sharpie into my arm-not quite permanant-they'll need an upgrade!

morning fog, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

At least one benefit to waking at 5:00 am; sunrise. That and swimming, biking and running with 400 of your closest friends.

checking lake temp, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

I really wanted to wear my wet suit, and the 4-5 inches of rain the prior week was on my side. Lake George water temp 72 degrees.

Time to celebrate

celebration, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

I've dropped all drinking except red wine and light beer during training, and then in moderation. Race nights are the exception and nothing says "Well done trimama" like tequilla on ice. I'm saving the top shelf dusty bottle stuff for things like TCM, 1/2 irons and the best for IMFL

Saturday, July 02, 2005

So did you just try that vibrator thing?

So that might possibly be the worse question you could ask a total stranger at the end of a tri. Tridaddy is still laughing, and I'm still red in the face.

Of course I was referring to the cool electronic impulse muscle relaxer massage thing they had available at the finish line (boy even this description is not working so well). It's suppose speed muscle recovery so you can continue training sooner.

Kick A race though--report to follow tomorrow--hint there is hope in the swim!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Florida Dreams

Trimama and Hyphen Girl, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

We took a family vacation in Feb to Florida's gulf, not far from the staging location for IMFL '06. At the time I had no idea I would be contemplating a 2.4 mile swim in that very ocean-but now I can at least visualize that dream.

T - 24 and counting

T - 24 and counting, originally uploaded by TRIMAMA.

There is sorrow in the evening but Joy comes with the morning

Oh what a difference a good nights sleep can make. A little perspective seems to always come with the rising of the sun. Race day is tomorrow, it ought to be fun. Water temp is holding in my favor. Can lake temp rise 4 degrees in 24 hours. It would be an act of God, but then I would just know I'm fated to race without a wet suit. Heaven help us all.

"I never want to be a baby again!"

Good news Buck Naked Boy once you grow up you never have to be a baby again. (He's eating breakfast while I write)

Good because you have to be a baby for a long long long long time.

That's not so bad. People hold you and want to play with you.

But you can't play with trains. Babies wrep trains. And fire works, they wrep those too.

Yes, babies can't really play with trains.

A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, like 3 months ago, Issac was at our house and he wrepped the train and we couldn't put it together. But that's ok, I like Issac.

Oh the troubles of a 4 1/2 year old.

Just checked the thermometer-59 degrees. Monday it was 94 with 90 some percent humidity. I guess you could say a cold front moved through-good news to my fellow bloggers to the east.

Time to start the day. The word for the day, (unlike what the tv just said "river") is cleaning. We wanted to have some folks over for a 4th picnic. We started passing out email and flyers to friends and neighbors thinking 20 or 30 people would stop by. We are at 100 and counting. The party has expanded to the small park by our house and now includes renting a canopy tent, table, chairs, and 1000 hot dogs from Costco. I love parties though, so it ought to be fun. Our city sets off their fireworks 1/2 a block from our house, so it will be a great celebration.

I'll post pics soon.

Have a great Independance Day!