Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm craving pickles right now

and I have no idea why. I don't even like pickles. I like the marinated cucumbers that they put on a sandwich at Subway. But I don't like Subway, so I have no intention of meeting that craving with a bad sandwich. Sorry Jared.

I booked our hotel room for Ironman Arizona yesterday. That's fairly optimistic considering how between my knee, the wretched flu and the kids on Spring Break, my training has been shot to heck. I plan to do the Trail Mix 25k in 3 weeks and a 62 mile bike ride in 4. I think.

I wonder if some mental deficiency is contributing to the pickle problem. That might explain why I think I can run 15 miles on trails when I can barely run 8 on a flat, paved trail.

American Idol is way too much fun this year. I would buy Brooke White's album tomorrow.

I arrived at work Monday with a commendation letter on my desk and posted throughout the Y. Two weeks ago I helped to save a life. One of our older members went into to cardiac arrest, and I was one of two first responders. In first response, training is everything and I am incredibly grateful for mine being current and for giving me the confidence to know what to do and how to keep a cool head. If you don't know how to perform CPR go get certified. It's cheap, it's easy and it might make the difference between life and death for someone, someday.

The Tribe is on Spring break this week, but it hardly feels like spring at a whopping 34 degrees. I've heard promise of 60 next week, we'll see. They are having a great week, sleeping in, staying up late, etc.

Gotta run and meet up with Tac for a business meeting.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Spring

Lana has a wonderful post today, to which I hesitate to add, except for that I had the best worst run of my recent career today. Near 50 degrees, snow melting in waterfalls down the gutters and street, birds singing, and caterpillars! Little black, fuzzy caterpillars. Now the run was poor at best, my leg was sore from my long run this weekend, and I knew I should have gone for a swim, but how can you not run when spring is out your door. I still have crud in my lungs, which didn't effect Saturdays run, but it seemed to give me shallow breathing- what's the saying? A bad day running is always better then a good day at the office, I'll take the run. Tomorrow I will go swim and bike, it's supposed to snow. We are hosting Easter this year, so the weekend training gets amended a little. Tac and Bigun are working on another podcast-it should be available soon.

That's my quick off to see what is happening in your corners of the universe

Thursday, March 13, 2008

And I thought I was sick of snow

My poor friends in Canada must really be feeling it, if if comes to this

Our snow is melting fast and dirty, and it feels wonderful to have radiant sun! Outdoor season is closing fast, yea! Tac and I went out for a quick reconnect dinner last night, followed by a drive around the local lakes, past boob beach, and other noted landmarks. You can almost hear the ice beginning to melt. In the meantime, Tac continues to train for Wildflower and CDA, and I don't feel much like a triathlete at all. I was telling Tac, I want my 2006 legs back. Maybe I need to have a baby :-) I was telling Tac last night, I still feel every step I take-I have to think of the biomechanics every time I walk because my leg still feels like "other". Then the flu hits and I'm still recovering. Today will be my first workout in over a week. I need to get my mojo back. I miss the honeymoon years of triathlon where everything is an adventure and nothing really hurts. But, you have to train what you've got, so I plan to spin for an hour before work today, and we'll take it from there- November is a long way off-thank goodness!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Someone shut the door, we aren't heating the neighborhood!

Lo: 18°Snow
Hi: 25°Lo: 6°Snow
Hi: 15°Lo: 1°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 16°Lo: 1°Mostly Sunny
Hi: 20°Lo: 13°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 35°Lo: 20°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 38°Lo: 20°Partly Cloudy

My brothers and sisters in the south need to stop rolling over and hogging all the blankets-it's cold up here. I mean, do you really need 80 degrees the first week of March? What are you doing in bed anyhow, shouldn't you be out training? The Tac and The .Bigun have knocked another podcast in the can, I take no responsibility whatsoever.

HG wants to know, if theoretically she likes Boy and theoretically if Boy likes her can they be dating. I told her to theoretically ask me again when she is 16. Tac and I see no reason to awaken love before it's time. Beyond that, I think a lot of poor decisions are made in the midst of break up angst. I don't think the majority of today's 14 year olds are adequate in consequential thinking and see no reason for her to be "dating" right now. Beyond all of this, she and Boy are good friends, and I think that friendship is better preserved by not adding teen romance to the mix. Case in point, Boy has "dated" and broken up with numerous girls in the past year, none of which currently speak to him. Old fashioned, I know. But modern thinking has produced a lot of divorces, teen pregnancies and catastrophic STD's. If we are wrong, we've just delayed her dating by a few months, but if we are right, well, there is no "I told you so".

I came home from work Monday with 3 inches of water in the basement. Fortunately it was a main drain and not the "main". Huh? 45 minutes of noise, 24 hours of stink and she's running clear. Now, hopefully the flood dries out without ruining the Pergo.

Tuesday morning dawned with Y laid out with a sore throat and fever- so off to the Urgent Care. I think it's strep. The doc says strep is a minor possibility. I say its' strep. Doc returns with prescription. So, 48 hours of mandated home care and the Y is good as new with the exception of thick, throaty healing voice.

Wednesday dawn very early with a fresh blanket of snow. Open at the Y 5am. Train, train train. Yea! By 9 my throat is feeling thick and my ears are burning. Fast forward, this evening. Yep, I'm sick with something. Blah. HG makes dinner, while I oversee from the bedroom as Tac is spinning away in the basement. Want to know what is going on with your kids, pay attention when they are playing "Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat" I have no clue what "Promise, or Repeat" means but it has something to do with vague promises of marrying movie stars so long as they fit X and Y criteria. Oh, boy. It's good to pay attention because eventually the dares go to toilet water and dog food. That's when I intervened. The last thing I need is toilet water induced stomach flu.

So, it's a crazy week, with record breaking cold on the way. Any warm, healing wishes would be welcome up here, time to give some of those blankets back!