Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ever wonder what happens to a tree that doesn't stretch it's roots deep?

This behemoth climbed to great heights, fully confident in his footing. Until the storms blew, and the saturated grounds softened and reality sent him crashing to the ground. Sorrowfully, he took a few down with him, scarring many others. This vacation has been a profound time to reflect on my roots as I marvel at the creation that has literally soared above us. How deeply vested am I in my faith, an immovable God, my friends, my family, my convictions and the loved ones I hold dear? On vacation, when all else is pulled away, and life is put on hold, it is simple to embrace and know all that is dear to me. I am profoundly grateful for this time.

By now you've read several race reports and know that Ironman lived up to all it's promises.

We departed mid Tuesday morning for Washington and Canada, only after a brief errand to Kmart to secure another car top carrier. A certain Schwag whore was now accompanying us and we needed more space aloft. If I didn't think it would ensure a short decade in a canadian lockup, I would have snapped a photo of the Customs officer who looked with incredulity into the cavern of the Tacmobile, fully loaded with 7 travelers plus luggage and supplies. I sincerely doubt you could have wedged an apple into the Tacmobile at this point. Although, we did wedge in a lime which was dutifully confiscated at the American border. I secretly think they had confiscated a case of Coronas earlier and now the party was complete.

It would be a cinch to settle down in any of the localities we have visited thus far, but I think the front runners would certainly be Coeur D Alene and Billings. We loved CdA so much we decided to defer the trek to Glacier for another vacation and settled in for one last evening along the big lake. Lovely. Tac wrapped up his mental race report as we strolled along the run route and dined on the water front. Snagging the last two hotel rooms in town, we enjoyed one last, lovely night of rest before the long haul home.

But not before a stop at Tac's T1 spot.

Chatting with the .Bigun the desire to move was concensus; do I sense a relocation of the year round training grounds for the Dots?

3200 miles of adventure in the can, 900 to go. Wish us well and send a shoe horn if you've got one,

Trimama out.


Spokane Al said...

I am always amazed at the pine trees and their root balls, instead of a wide spread root system.

After meeting you and yours it is obvious that the Tribe has solid roots based on love, faith, and happiness.

It was terrific meeting you and yours.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Ah, of all the "problems" of our modern lifestyle, one of them is that we don't take the time to reflect on things.
Another thing that I wonder about these tree's and their roots. Did they have it too easy? Why else would the root system be so shallow? The water was always there. The tree didn't have to dig deep. Of course, things can be too difficult as well. Just kinda makes you appreciate the challenges as well as the "deep roots" of our fitness goals.

Sounds like a beautiful trip. Hope to see you soon.

Bigun said...

Get the tribe home save, TM - the dot and Tac need to record!

wheels are turning trying to figure out a way to live at CdA for 6 months, warm climate for the other 6 - oh no, The.Bigun still does not do snow....

Flatman said...

Your kids are so awesome. I love your family.

Brent Buckner said...


Fe-lady said...

It was great seeing you and talking to your kids at the finish line...and thanks for listening to me as I rambled on Monday morning! :-)

Your whole family is one that I wished I belonged to as a kid.

You have to work a little for strong roots....if everything is just given to you without putting out effort, you eventually flounder and sometimes fall.
(And it's true...water a mesquite tree too much, the roots become shallow and they blow over in the first summer storm).

TRI-ROB said...

SO fun to meet you and your family at CdA! Sorry I couldn't seem to find Tac and give you a heads up on the run! You need to bring the tribe back for next year!

p.s. DON'T take it easy on Kate! She's got "it"... she just needs to believe!


momo said...

trimama, your posts always make me feel calm. peaceful.

i was so happy to meet the tribe, and you and tac, specially. i'm looking forward to november. plan an extra day to come up to our place and let us feed you pre-race!

hugs and be safe.

triguyjt said...

seems like the tribe had a great time....

and, while I do have a shoehorn, I don't think I would be able to get it to you in time..Hope nobody fell out of the vehicle

Pharmie said...

Bring out the air freshener! Remembering back to my family's road trips with my 4 siblings, the van gets pretty ripe by the end!