Friday, May 20, 2005

Training with a head cold

I've been nursing the inevitable allergy head cold this week, a definite challenge to training. For me the challenge is exacerbated by having contracted mono two years ago. My immune system is generally strong, but when I do get a cold the mono symptoms return. If you haven't had mono, imagine a tiny fishing sinker attached to every muscle fiber and every cell in your body, you can begin the day mentally fresh and energized, but in no time aaaggghhh! fatigue sets in like a damp fog that short circuits all of the early morning inertia. It's a swimming day today, but right now the idea of trying to pull myself through the water literally hurts. So, it's time to fix a cup of tea, slow down for a few and take the kids with me to the pool tonight.

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:) said...

Been there, done mono. I don't EVER want to feel that bad again. I missed over a month in grade school becuase of it...!