Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why do I do this?

I'm discovering that multisport athletes eventually begin to question why they engage in endurance sports. Perhaps we are all insane, others certainly think so. What's that definition of insanity so often quoted? Something about returning to a task proven to be undo-able-just a sec, ok Merriam Webster says it is exhibiting serious,debilitating mental disorder-not helpful. The thing with racing is that there is a tangible accomplishment-it's called the finish line. It is an amazing thing to cross, a punctuation point on rigorous training towards a goal. My training helps me be a better person as I tackle the inanties of life- 15 loads of laundry sorted,washed, dried, folded and put away- only to pick up two more loads when I tucked the little munchkins in last night- I was a team sport player in high school- basketball,soccer,volleyball- I was very competitive (hence the scared knees and hockey player smile) quick and explosive. That was great competition for an 18 year old. But life now is about endurance, problem solving, overcoming obstacles-multisport training is good support for life now. I mused earlier that I think you can approach this from a perspective of self loathing-desiring to inflict pain and punishment, self love -desiring to be affirmed and cheered for accomplishing a difficult goal, or merely for the cold beer at the end of the race. I love the people that I am coming to know as a multisport athlete-I love the training which always seems to present some new challenge I have never accomplished, and I love the pre and post race atmosphere where me and my training buds cheer each other on and hoist a cold one when it's done-multisport is just a great way to celebrate life.

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