Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Are you aware that Ford sponsors Ironman?

Really? That fact escaped my notice, hmmmmmmmm.

I roped myself into a Florida Ironman survey this morning (the first survey they sent out included one question, so I thought what the heck, I can answer another question- 45 questions later....)

A grouping of questions inquired about my knowledge of Ford's involvement in sponsorship of the events.

Ummmmm. You mean like the logo being plastered on the swim buoys, the misting shower, the turnaround markers, every piece of schwag. Yea, I kind of picked up on that.

Taconite Boy was ready to buy me a truck after the event though. In all fairness, he already drives an F150 and loves it, and for my part, I want a truck.

Actually I want a 40 year old beater that I can drive around when I'm working in the yard or around the house, on the days when I wear my goofy work hat and gloves and listen to old country music. I really need to move to a farm.

To give you an idea of how much work is going on in the Trimama household, when we brought home the Christmas tree and Buck Naked Boy sized up the situation and determined that there was not enough room for his train to run underneath it, he nochalantly suggested to Tac Boy that he needed to move out the front wall to make room.

Ok, I'll get out the sledge hammer and go to work on that.

In the mean time, here is a pictorial of our latest project.

Take one closet to no where. A byproduct of when our current living room was a bedroom. Which made absolutely no sense, in that the largest room in our home was the so called master bedroom. Much to Tac Boy's surprise, I registered my complaint by knocking a window size hole in the wall to demonstrate that wall could certainly be removed and most likely was not a load bearing wall. To his credit, Tac Boy saw my point of view and now we have a genuine living room. That project was completed 5 years ago, but we didn't know what to do with the closet until now.....

Plant the seed of an idea that it would be doable to open that closet from the other side so that we can access it via our current bedroom,

Then water that seed with the idea of how nice it would be to watch Sunday night football in our own bed

One barter of painting for cabinet making, one all nighter at the tv store and voila. Brings a whole different meaning to touchdowns and field goals.

When Tac Boy and I met he wasn't very handy in household projects, and we'll both admit I've kept him on his toes, so he can do just about anything now. Frame, wire, plumb, sheetrock, flooring, the works.

Except demolition. I handle that. I make the holes and he fills them.

Basketball is going well. The girls won again last night, so there team at 2-0 has surpassed their win record of last season. Hyphen Girl is a defensive terror, with a little work of her shooting confidence, teams beware.

Buck Naked Boy is the "Very Special Person" of the week which included a little presentation of himself to his class. Poor guy, trembled through the whole practice go at home, and was extremely relieved to be done with it on Monday. I'm hopeful that practice will help ease his nerves in public speaking.

My swimming has been benched until January to allow my shoulder time to heal- uggg. Not being able to swim causes me to see how much I love doing it. Who would have thought?

But, we are having a strangely warm December, so running is good and spinning on the bike is new, and of course there is always basketball.

Enjoy the week


Fe-lady said...

And Nissan sponsors the Xterra races...except is pulling out this year, so I wonder what the race series is going to be called now that they can't name them after a truck!
Nice TV cabinet...but you KNOW everyone is going to be in your bed watching TV now...! :-)

Lana said...

Very nice concept about you making the holes and Tac-boy filling them - I love that! So, can you can tell me what to do to get a whole new house? That's what I want, but I haven't had any luck yet. Maybe I should just put a for sale sign in the yard.

brendaj said...

I've also resigned myself to not swimming until january until my left shoulder heals. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with it but it hurts everytime I swim so I'm resting it and doing some shoulder strengthening exercises with my trainer.

TriJack said...

funny how houses and s.o.'s make tooltime boys out of even the most mechanically naive out of us... and, once you feel the power of the nail gun; well,heh, there's no going back then...

greyhound said...

I just had a vision of trimama going "Extreme Makeover" on the tribe's abode. It wasn't pretty. Poor tac boy.

Ford did the same kind of survey after a "Race For The Cure" 5k that I did two years ago--only it was a live, in person surveyor. The survey seemed longer than the race. Geez.

Iron Pol said...

I guess we'll consider it a lucky fact that the dry wall didn't hide any actual load bearing structures. If you'd have found a main header and support structure under there...

Glad to see it all turned out well. Even load bearing walls can be worked over. It just takes a bit more planning.

momo said...

your hubby has gotten better at the honey-do's over the years, mine has gotten worse! i finally had to stop him from doing things around the house because they always had to be redone!!

hope your shoulder heals up quick!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Nice! Good place for the TV.

Hope that shoulder heals up soon!