Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tri Naked Blogger

Iron Nick, who earned his props in Brazil this past May, could easily be named as one of the greatest tri brothers around. He's at most of the local races, taking pics and cheering when he's not competing, always a willing coach (sub 60 min IM swim time), and all around nice guy. In his spare time he has worked up two web sites. One, does exactly what the name implies; it maps out the triathlons in the world, giving race info and other relevant information. Now just in time for Christmas, he's launched a blog devoted to informing the tri community of all the latest in gadgets, apparel and gear- all things tri. Check these out, and add them to your link bar if you like what you see.

But Trimama, what about the naked part?

No, this isn't the naked part. Well, Robo is half naked, but that doesn't really count. (Ok, Robo looks fantastic, so the half naked part counts a little for him, because you have to give credit where credit is due-which is why I'm not half naked in this picture because I look a little like a pot bellied pig-the wonders of neoprene)

Half naked doesn't count this year. This year it's about full on, stripped down, just the essentials, naked.

I've come to the conclusion that it's a little insane to vigorously pursue something that holds no true value for me. I had this epiphany when I registered for the GYGO New Year's Day virtual triathlon. Follow the links and register. If you live in the midwest and want to join my local tri club at our freakin freezin' polar bear plunge reverse tri, we'll be meeting at the bar by the large, gaping black hole in the ice around 8:30 in the morning. The bar is open and serving, (it's also indoors and warm) if you need a little shot of confidence before you make the plunge. It's open when you exit the water if you need a little help un freezing your blood. You'll notice when you register that there is a question regarding your New Year tri resolution. Prior to Ironman Florida, my plan for this next season was to focus on speed and power and become a force to reckon with on the tri series circuit. Then I realized, with all due respect to the incredible athletes who earn the podium, I just don't care about the schwag. Go, ahead and exhale- I love the booty that comes in the race bags, and I'll always love the free stuff. I'm talking about the little beer mugs and ash trays that say you stood on the podium. Last year that seemed important to me. As I sit here today though, contemplating what it takes to make it to the ash tray, I realize that in the economy of time and energy, both physical and mental, I don't want to spend myself there. I realized what I liked about being a newbie last year was the ability to not care so much, to focus on the things that mattered to me, like friends and The Tribe, and meeting new people. I cared about training hard, and seeing how far and how fast I could push myself, and it was fun. The idea of being a player isn't fun. The idea of tweaking equipment and monitoring data, and living under a blogoscope, and being all about me and results leaves an unsavory taste in my brain. It's a strange dichotomy. I love to compete, I always will. I think I've realized that I can't justify the means or the end in setting a goal of winning races for next year.

It's my year to Tri Naked.

To train and race by means of the essence of the sport.

To this end, I'm going to drag my sorry butt over the Wildflower course, taking great delight if I pass Kahuna on the run again. I'm going to help Hyphen Girl train and run her first half marathon. My proposal to start a Y Tri, tri club at work was met with great enthusiasm, so I'm anticipating bringing 10 new athletes into the sport. I'm going to be the ass of our group rides again this year, not because I can't keep up, but because there are a lot of people who would come out and ride if they knew there was a buddy to go along with. I'm going to try a few new races, including (I hope) the 24 hour-cross over the mountain pass-Colorado relays. I'm going to enjoy more trail running. I'm going to recruit and help train a small army of kids to participate in theMiracles of Mitch triathlon. I'm going to cheer on my fellow athletes. Of course I'm going to cheer on and support Taconite Boy and his posses of IMmoo competitors.

This past year of iron I focused a lot on what was in my hand. Ironman was an oddessy that I held for 16 months, and it was very good to me. I held on to it through fire and storm and it changed me. The feeling of letting go at the finish line, and hugging The Tribe was indescribable. I almost made the mistake of confusing what was in my hand then, for what I am as a whole. The mistake of thinking it was all about grabbing something else up for me. I'd be a lousy triathlete, let alone person if all I am is a hand. This year it's about the whole body in action using all of the gifts and talents I've been given, for the benefit of others and myself.

It's all about getting Naked.

I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more fun to tri naked.


Curly Su said...

that's awesome. you've inspired me. i'm going to look into starting a tri-club at school...

afterall, what could be better than a bunch of pasty musicians in speedos?

jbmmommy said...

It sounds like you've got a great year ahead, filled with a lot of joy for a naked athlete. How wonderful that the athletes in your new tri club will have the benefit of having you as their iron-tri-club leader. You will be a great resource and inspiration to all of them. Enjoy.

Fe-lady said...

Such wisdom for someone so young!
If I move into a retirement community I want to start a tri-club...but not until then. Too busy with other people's children until then!
Have fun in '07 and hope to meet up with you!

TriSaraTops said...
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TriSaraTops said...

And THAT is what I've been trying to put into words lately. You are awesome. Thanks for your insight and this post! Makes me even more jealous that the Twin Cities aren't a half hour many cool peeps up there...! Excited to follow the journey.

I will also be jumping into Lake Erie and doing my "swim" for the GYGO tri! Give it up for nutcases swimming in freezing cold bodies of water! Woot woot! Although, we've been in the 50s here all might actually be quite a bit easier than the other years I've done it! :)

TriBoomer said...


Such great words of wisdom and inspiration are those.

I look forward to racing with you at Wildflower (maybe I too will pass The TreGeek Kahuna like I did at the Big Kahuna Half Ironman earier this year) and following your posts in '07.

Stay tuned...

RunBubbaRun said...

Awesome, great post, after IM, I think it is time to try different things (still doing IMoo '07 thou). But to keep my sanity it is time to "tri-Naked" for awhile.

Thanks for the thoughts and inspiration. I wish I was closer to Minn. I would definetly be there for the polar TRI.

Wendy said...

In a completely different context than my wild IM Flipper cheering, "Go! Go TriMama Go!!!"

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...


btw, no one is going to be freakin' passing me at wildflower.

Bolder said...


that just felt so wrong.

so right, but so wrong.

i ran 3 miles today! WOOT!!

i'm ready.

greyhound said...

With each post, it becomes clearer why I feel like I'm a kindrid spirit. I have no HOPE of ever contending for a podium. I do this because it enables me, like nothing else before, to be involved with people striving for their own excellence.

And hey, Hyphen Girl TOTALLY needs to do a girl power running blog about the journey to her first half-marry. Superpounce would love it.

Flatman said...

You rock...plain and simple.

walchka said...

Great post Trimama! Let's strip things down so we can build them back up again.

I might see you on New Year for the polar dip.

jonnyspace said...

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trinick67 said...

WOW TRIMAMA, I got a picture, some tidbits and some links all on one of your posts, how cools is that!!! Thanks.

Now, about that freakin freezin' polar bear plunge. I'm not sure if I can do that. (I hope I can still say that even though I've completed an Ironman now) I can swim 2.4 miles in 56 min, but jumping in to darn cold water for 10 - 15 seconds is for the whales, not me... Brrr is give me chills just thinking about it. If it's sunny and in the 40's I might consider it.

momo said...

trimama, your post really hit home. after doing imfl, i thought that i wanted to be better, faster, stronger, and to some extent i do, but... i also want to enjoy my family, my friends and the life we have. i missed a little of that last year training and i think this year, i want some balance. i'm never going to win anything, but like you - i like the competition part and the training. so my new year's resolution - achieve balance.

wait, there's a slogan in there somewhere, isn't there? :-) hugs and merry christmas!

Iron Pol said...

That will be awesome if you get 10 friends and co-workers to do a triathlon. There's only one co-worker with whom I train and race. We're trying to get a second involved. Ten newcomers is awesome.

We have had much better success with the kids. So much, in fact, that the youth organization is going to try and come up with additional funding. Our "maybe 10-15 kids" has turned into nearly 50. And we're going to promote it and see how many more come.

Suddenly, I'm in charge of an army of young triathletes. Woooohooooo!

ironjenny said...

Trimama - I love so much about this post I don't know where to start.
1). I love that you will be in the bar with me before the polar plunge, and now I won't be the only one with a drink at 8 a.m.
2). I love that you are going to start a Y Tri, and I love the name.
3). I love that you want to do the CO relay - get your money in to Holly G. asap. I want to be in your van!!!
4). I love that you can see that you are so much more than the "race".
I just love you man! sniff. sniff.

Anyway - email me - what time are you going the the plunge? How early should we go? Should we wear our bib numbers for the video (we ARE making a video this year aren't we?) We're not going to be Guppies anymore, babe, we're gonna be minnows!!!!