Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am a friggin IT genius

Ok, don't ruin my moment- but I, yes me, the incompetent one, actually fixed my own computer program!  I don't suppose wars will end, or that world peace is imminent, but isn't it really about the little miracles.  Speaking of miracles, (or not) the wise man was grazing in Baby Jesus' manger this morning, apparently in addition to a census, there was quite a famine in the town of Bethlehem, that or Balthasar had nipped a few too many times at the camel's milk, only to fall asleep while falling prostrate.  If you grew up catholic, you've witnessed all too many accounts of uncle Balthasar during mass, so it's all the same to you.  It's not all the same to me, and I will be picking up the CSI toy crime detection lab to dust for fingerprints and determine which of the Tribe has been violating the "Don't touch my nativity scene" edict.  One of many presents Tac and I will test drive before wrapping.  Two Christmases ago, Tac had racked up 1.2 million SSX Tricky points before Christmas Eve.  I have three seasonal statue panorama things.  You have no idea how difficult it is to depict the somber joy of the holiday when you regularly find the snow man wrapped in swaddling clothes and Baby Jesus making snow angels with the reindeer.  I still have the original Nativity scene Tac and I bought for our first Christmas.  Ours was a simple household, which might explain the discount bargain bin nativity that consisted of one blonde haired/blue eyed Mary, one 80 year old Joseph and one white as the driven snow baby Jesus.  The only thing that keeps me from ditching the aryan nation nativity is that it's our first one, this just might be the year we break out the air brush set from Aunt Edna and set things right or suffer the seasonal enigma of displaying a "major award"  
One of my favorite all time iconic christmas memories, (if you don't count Blue Blocker Santa who wears  his polyester, white beard like an ascot and generally has the flask at his side as he drives the sleigh at our current Christmas tree cutting venue, and for whom I credit with the very early demise in the Tribe's santa mythology), was the year my Aunt played santa at the annual, family Christmas gathering.  Once a year we bundled our way into the KC Hall to eat jello salad and krumkake with the once-a-year aunts and uncles, awaiting anxiously the appearance of Santa Clause and his bag of gifts.  Santa reached an entirely new level of mythology with her four inch long acrylic nails and false eyeslashes, cig dangling from her robustly painted, pink lips.  The wife of my father's brother,  I lived in mortal fear of being an in law from that day forward.  In laws routinely drew the short stick in that family.  

Christmas officially begins at 12:01 am the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Prior to that time, all holiday music is forbidden, but trust me The Tribe has some very creative versions of "Deck the Turkey with lot's of stuffing" just to tweak mom a little.  We avoid the holiday displays in Target as if the plaque were stored along those aisles.  I'm adamant.  I'm a holiday separatist.  There, I said it.  But who wants to celebrate IndepentHallowGiving.  Target does I tell you.  It's not unusual for The Tribe to wake me up at 12:01 singing carols with Tac.  They love the season, and you know what, so do I.  

The tree is up, the fire is warm, the carols are playing 24/7, and the snow is in a constant state of tease.  It's the little miracles that really are important, and I have a lot of them in my life.  

Happy Holidays!


Bigun said...

christmas up north is certaintly different than here in florida...you have better props!

Taconite Boy said...

You know how to post?

Jumper 2.0 said...

Holiday separatist!

I absolutely love it. And I am absolutely the same way! No Christmas music and no decorations until the day after Thanksgiving.

Angela pretty much agrees with me except that I like to take down the Christmas decorations on Jan. 2. She thinks it's too early!

Lana said...

Awe! What a great post...you just lifted my Christmas spirits, Trimama. I have to admit that I get frustrated with all the hustle and bustle and stress and over commercialization of the season - and the cold weather - but it has it's place for sure. I'm getting out the Christmas Carol CD's as soon as I get home today.

Fe-lady said...

Lights are up, it's cloudy and rainy, and all I want for Christmas is my stove/oven back in my kitchen so I can bake some cookies and cook some chili!
Kids and Christmas....good thing I have the children at school. What would it be without them? have a blast!

Bolder said...

ok, you're back in me bloggylines.

we can take down terror level red to say pink or something peaceful...

Michele said...

I agree Christmas can not start until the day after Thanksgiving!!!
Drives me crazy buying halloween candy with Chritsmas stuff right beside it!!