Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Someone shut the door, we aren't heating the neighborhood!

Lo: 18°Snow
Hi: 25°Lo: 6°Snow
Hi: 15°Lo: 1°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 16°Lo: 1°Mostly Sunny
Hi: 20°Lo: 13°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 35°Lo: 20°Partly Cloudy
Hi: 38°Lo: 20°Partly Cloudy

My brothers and sisters in the south need to stop rolling over and hogging all the blankets-it's cold up here. I mean, do you really need 80 degrees the first week of March? What are you doing in bed anyhow, shouldn't you be out training? The Tac and The .Bigun have knocked another podcast in the can, I take no responsibility whatsoever.

HG wants to know, if theoretically she likes Boy and theoretically if Boy likes her can they be dating. I told her to theoretically ask me again when she is 16. Tac and I see no reason to awaken love before it's time. Beyond that, I think a lot of poor decisions are made in the midst of break up angst. I don't think the majority of today's 14 year olds are adequate in consequential thinking and see no reason for her to be "dating" right now. Beyond all of this, she and Boy are good friends, and I think that friendship is better preserved by not adding teen romance to the mix. Case in point, Boy has "dated" and broken up with numerous girls in the past year, none of which currently speak to him. Old fashioned, I know. But modern thinking has produced a lot of divorces, teen pregnancies and catastrophic STD's. If we are wrong, we've just delayed her dating by a few months, but if we are right, well, there is no "I told you so".

I came home from work Monday with 3 inches of water in the basement. Fortunately it was a main drain and not the "main". Huh? 45 minutes of noise, 24 hours of stink and she's running clear. Now, hopefully the flood dries out without ruining the Pergo.

Tuesday morning dawned with Y laid out with a sore throat and fever- so off to the Urgent Care. I think it's strep. The doc says strep is a minor possibility. I say its' strep. Doc returns with prescription. So, 48 hours of mandated home care and the Y is good as new with the exception of thick, throaty healing voice.

Wednesday dawn very early with a fresh blanket of snow. Open at the Y 5am. Train, train train. Yea! By 9 my throat is feeling thick and my ears are burning. Fast forward, this evening. Yep, I'm sick with something. Blah. HG makes dinner, while I oversee from the bedroom as Tac is spinning away in the basement. Want to know what is going on with your kids, pay attention when they are playing "Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat" I have no clue what "Promise, or Repeat" means but it has something to do with vague promises of marrying movie stars so long as they fit X and Y criteria. Oh, boy. It's good to pay attention because eventually the dares go to toilet water and dog food. That's when I intervened. The last thing I need is toilet water induced stomach flu.

So, it's a crazy week, with record breaking cold on the way. Any warm, healing wishes would be welcome up here, time to give some of those blankets back!


Fe-lady said...

Sending sunshine * and taking the germs away....!

No, I do NOT want 80 degrees this early in the season....! TAKE IT! :-)

LBTEPA said...

Get well soon!
As for the weather... I think you'd better move :)

IronTriTim said...

Bring on the clocks changing and spring coming. Found out we are having twin daughters, so boyfriends etc are all things we are going to have to consider!

Bigun said...

kids are wierd!

cold front coming through florida, btw...Sat and Sun highs in the 60s! Egads, and I'm supposed to race on Sunday!

Spandex King said...

Winter really sucks this year!

And I thought my 14 year old was the only 14 year old girl who's parnents would not let her date until 16. I know she hates it. But she does admit that she's glad not to be involved with all of her friends drama with boys. I think that she may have a career as dear Abby. She hears everyone's boy problems.

Unknown said...

Tri-Mama, the weather here, too, is less than desirable. So I feel your pain!

Comm's said...

Man it was sunny today, only 48 at 6am. I mean common, I need one of your parkas for that.

I can't wear golf shorts to work in that kind of weather.

TJ said...

I'll think about you cold weather peeps as I'm sweating my arse off running this afternoon.

Unknown said...

You just need to take a trip to Tennessee...and maybe by the time you get back home it will be warmer!

greyhound said...

Mrs. Greyhound and the moms have begun theoretically talking about theoretical theories to Superpounce and her friends.

I am against the theories in the case of my daughter, but I hope Mrs. Greyhound is feeling theoretical tonight.

21stCenturyMom said...

I couldn't handle living in the cold like that. My daughter who is in her 2nd year in Illinois called yesterday and said she just cannot stand it any longer. Forutnatly they will be somewhere else next year.

So - I am blowing warmer winds your way but I'm just a wee little woman so I'm not sure it will help

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

Wow... them's some cold days. Consider a Texas-sized blanket sent you way. Hang in there... spring is on the way.

Stay tuned...

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Mini-baboo has had a good friend, who is a girl, since the 7th grade. They hand out together and everything but Mom, we're just friends. I'm crossing my fingers that some day, when they are ready, it is more than that, and that he appreciates friendship over "hot".

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Okay, I meant to say that they HANG OUT together.