Sunday, October 12, 2008

26.2 miles to Ironman

The Trimama Road to Ironman

Scope AZ course Jan 2008- Check mental image in place

Learn to run again-check

Apple Blossom Half Mary- suck it up and go May 2008 - prove to yourself that you can start slow, run in last place, finish strong, let that broken knee carry you and be happy - check

Learn to bike again- Check

Buffalo Olympic Tri- June 2008- back in the saddle- conquer the fear and lovin it- check

Chisago Half Ironman-Bike freakin pr and conquer the mental demons- check

Whistlestop Marathon Oct 2008- sorry Dr. Gulli-but a girl's got to do what a girls got to do, and this girl has to prove to herself that she still has what it takes to go the distance- 26.2 holy freakin cow miles (were those shotgun blasts? why yes, it's duck opener, that's right) had a number of bail out moments- but I shuffled on not unlike the Energizer Bunny (the one who's been sitting in Rover's dog house for a number of months, stuffing falling out, springs popping in back, missing an ear, and yet she keeps on going) The woman with cookies at mile 18 gets an automatic pass to heaven in my book.

58 degree ice water never felt so soothing (and yes I brought my wet suit and went for an early morning swim), tequila never went down so smooth, sweet friendships have rarely meant so much, fall colors have not looked so brilliant; leaving just one thing to say

Let's get it on!

I waited patiently for the Lord, he inclined and heard my cry. He lifted me up out of the pits, out of the miry clay. I will sing, sing a new song. How long to sing this song? He set my feet upon a rock, made my footsteps firm. Many will see, many will see and hear



Fe-lady said...

Thanks for the update, photos and words of faith at the end.
Congratulations! Hope we can see you in a month!

Unknown said...

YES!!!! Wooo-hoooo!!!! Go Trimama!!

Unknown said...


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!! I love that there were shotgun blasts!!

21stCenturyMom said...

Ready to Rock 'n Roll - go TriMama!

Tri Mom said...

Way to go TriMama! You are WELL on your way to another IM. 26.2 miles...check! Congrats, and can't wait to follow your continued journey!

LBTEPA said...

Such good news! Go Trimama go!

Wes said...

The meaning of life is buried in the lyrics of U2 :-)

IronTriTim said...

Way to go trimama, I finally got the run this year, and it was down to fuelling correctly on the bike... drink, drink, eat and eat some more for 6 hours! Then walk the aid stations and keep taking on more liquids.