Wednesday, February 15, 2006

100 what????

Yesterday, in addition to Valentines, was the 100th day of school-an achievement celebrated in primary school. To honor the fortuitous occasion, Standing Long Jump, the one honing his cheating acumen, compiled a packet of of 100's with his classmates. First page, the "100 Days of School"song, sung to the tune of "It's a Small World Afterall" -one of those songs that has the effect of the brain eating yeti eel-my apologies. The following page is a compilation of wishes by 100's: "I wish I had: 100 pieces of candy" but I wouldn't want: 100 schools... I could eat 100: pieces of candy, I could eat 100 chocolates but I couldn't eat: 100 burritos. Following the list of 100's were several pages of 10's- 10 groups of 10's to be exact. 10 animals, 10 girls names, 10 boys names 10 kinds of fruit

10 drinks:
root beer
Sierra Mist
Mountain Dew

RUM! WINE! BEER! What are teaching this boy?!

He forgot Tequila!

Where is the Teguila?!

Now on to the next pages.

"This is me at 100 years old" A tombstone. He drew a tombstone. With his name on it. However, not to be deterred by death, his favorite food will be: Apple Pie, his favorite thing to do will be: rest and the thing he will not want to do is: run. This one definitly goes into the "keeper file"

Onward, it's a bike/weights/ recess and it is so damn cold out aaggghhh day. I will probably spin to the olympics,



Spandex King said...

Big Snow a Comin!!! Look out

I have your stickers done. Please let me know where to ship them.

Hollyfish said...

"He forgot Tequila." This sent me into fits of giggles. Thanks for that...

:) said...

Beer rum wine, beer rum wine!!!

Cliff said...

oh tequila....that stuff is toxic :)..

mipper said...

aahhhh 100 day. my daughter was DEVESTATED that we took his to Disneyland on 100 day. we're still hearing about it.

rum, wine, beer? good gracious...

Keryn said...

That's classic! A must for the embarrassing things to pull out for his kids file. :)

Chris said...

Your kids rock! :)

I could eat 100 burritos.

Try and stay warm out there! I just got back from a run and was having trouble moving my jaw there at the end. :( It was like my mouth was frozen shut.

Fe-lady said...

We had our 100 days of school a couple of weeks ago...(we begin in August! When it's hotter than blazes here...go figure. Something to do with matching the University's schedule!)
Love the reasonings of a small but wise child! (Sometimes they are "right on" about stuff!
Speaking of Tequila...had too many marguaritas with my sister the other night! Tough run yesterday morning! (Too old for this type of behavior!)