Friday, February 10, 2006

aaaaaagggghhhh chooo!

My hands are blue as I type this. Does anyone care enough to send me an airplane ticket to someplace warm? We are just back in the doghouse here again- cold and snowy. And I have a head cold. Not a problem except that it is speed week for training. Is it a problem when your heart rate monitor doesn't want to drop below 165 through your run and it really wants to hover at 180-hey look my heart is about to explode in my chest. Actually, I think because this stupid crud is sitting somewhere between my ears and chest, I'm just not breathing that well and it makes my heart work harder. I cut the hour run by a few minutes and worked a lot harder on the weights. I can bench 85 pounds now-whoo hoo- only 15 to go to get to 100. Trihubby and I went the ultra romantic route and bought free weights for each other for Valentine's day- it was his idea, I wanted to get the chocolate body paint. But we are all serious about training now and chocolate isn't on the training menu-would it be gross if I bought it anyhow and licked myself-yea definitely. Tomorrow is a spinning morning with the tri club and that will conclude speed week. It's back to base camp next week.

It might be the head cold, it might be the "my friends and I joke about how an ironman is 2X's the distance but 4X's harder" comment made by Chivalry Chris (sorry no link today) in week 2 Podcast of Iron Wil and Kahuna, whatever, but I've been having some serious "what the he#@ am I thinking" moments lately about Florida. Then I heard a great song on VH1 called "Unwritten"-I'll try to find a link later- it is a perfect "just get out there and do it" song. I also know that I need to get in some long bike rides as soon as it is warm enough to ride-that for me is the missing link. I know I can swim, I know I can run, but can I bike

112 freakin' miles?

I don't know.

and I won't know until this winter finally comes to an end.

Is it ever going to end...............aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh chooooooooooooooooo!



Nancy Toby said...

Get well soon!

And of course you can bike 112. Probably WAY WAY faster than me, too.

Fe-lady said...

Yes you can!! I would say "get your butt our here and we'll go for a SHORTS", but I doubt that would make you feel any better!
Hope you feel better soon!
Spring is just around the corner!
(And to make you feel better,,,,we have tons of germs out here too, and dust that makes one sneeze!)

Cliff said...

Biking is the fun part, trimama. But i ain't sure it is as fun as chocolate body paint...(good thing i am on a diet as well)

walchka said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Yes this MN winter will end at some point. It's been pretty mild so I guess mother nature has the right to bring temps down to their normal range for a bit. Take care...

P.S. You're gonna crush the bike portion in Florida!

Bridget said...

Ugh, I hear ya on being sick. It sounds like I took things a lot easier than you did though. I hope you start to feel better soon. Brr, I hope your winter doesn't last too much longer. You poor thing.

Free weights sound like a great idea. Couldn't you get the pain for after your weight routine?

Chris said...

I knew I shouldn't have said anything. You're going to be fine at Florida. Trust me! :)

I'm right there with you wishing that this winter would end already. My trainer downstairs is starting to look like some kind of odd torture device and my bike looks like some kind of sad caged animal sitting on it.

Speaking of which though, I forgot that the tri club was spinning tomorrow. I'll have to go back and check the email to see what time it starts. If you're going for sure, that'll give me more motivation to get my butt up and go.

Check your email, BTW. (Or your spam box, where my messages usually end up :) ).

Sixteen Chickens said...

Free weights for Valentines Day... now why didn't I think of that?

Yeah, winter's back in the midwest, darn that groundhog.

Tammy said...

get the a trainer woman! It's all about the bike, didn't you hear???

I'm sick, too. Have been for over a damn week now... It's a beautiful, sunny day outside.. probably hitting 60F today, and I'm stuck... here. On the couch. With a soar throat and head full of snot. aaarrrrggghhh, agreed.

Bolder said...

you can always come to Boulder for a spring training camp, ride the mountains, and hang out in the HABC.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hope you get betta soon. You will make the bike ride no problems - isn't it supposed to be a rest stop between the swim and the run? :)

Great to hear that Hyphen Girl is continuing to swim well!