Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Attack of the Tribe

I had prepared a sentimental post about our day with BNB and the Tribe at the "Greatest Hobby on Earth" expo-wall to wall trains-Thomas, N scale, O scale, HO-even a remarkable lego city constructed with over a million blocks.

That was until we had ham for dinner.

But, Trimama, how can salted pork possibly derail a touching tribute to the Tribe?

Well, as you may or may not know,

Ham is PIG BUTT!

Trihubby is slammed with work and called to say that he wouldn't be home for dinner, which means one thing, a four on one fast break, that even in her hey day, Trimama couldn't defense.

No, the only hope you have in a 4 on 1 is to not get slammed on.


SLJ was helping me cook and therefore the first to make the discovery on the ham packaging.

(In general we don't use the word "butt" in our family. Too crass by my grandmother's standards.)


BNB stop saying pig butt and eat your dinner.

Soapinator, stop making tooting (farting-another shunned word) noises.

No, the ham doesn't have gas. It's ham.


HG, if you say one more thing about potato poops you are leaving the table.


Stop with the pigbutt and eat.

"I am eating-it's pig butt"

eeewwwww fits of giggles.

Soap you are eating pig, you are not a pig-we eat with forks at the dinner table


No, you don't need to sing pigbutt either.

The only hope you have in defensing a 4 on 1 is to break to the ball handler and try to distract them so as to cause a turnover.

Hyphen Girl, how was you day?

I can't wait to tell the kids at school that we had pigbutt for dinner.

eeeewwwwww pig butt! fits of giggles


When you miss that first pass you break down to the next ball handler trying to block the passing lane under the basket.

SLJ, why don't you go get the rest of the ham from the stove.

Pigbuttttttttt, pig butttttttt (operetic style)


Yes, Soap the fork rule includes salad. It especially includes salad.

HG, I know you feel bad for the pig, but I think it's highly unlikely that he now cares if we are eating his butt.

eeeeewwwwwwwww! Mom said BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribe 98
Trimama 0


Flatman said...

I think Jake the Fake had a better chance at winning the superbowl...


Oldman said...

pig butt? last night I had one of may fav's a daisy ham or what my father called a pork goodie.

TriSaraTops said...

OMG--you had me laughing really hard with this one!! :) MMMM...pig butt.....ha ha

Curly Su said...

that's great. being a jew, i unfortunately never got to try the famed 'pigbutt'...never realized what i was missing out on!

rice said...

Oh yeah I love the pig but. They got a whole lot of food to be exposed to now that that door is open.. Sausage casing was one that I couldn’t believe when I was a kid. And it took me YEARS to figure out and believe were gelatine comes from..



Fe-lady said...

Did milk come out of anyone's nose? This scenario SO reminds me of dinner at my parent's house when I was growing up...! Too funny! (I don't think we ever said "butt" tho..or we would have been sent to our room!!) :-)

Cliff said...

Never realize some of the greatest taste in the world comes out of a pig's butt :)

Bridget said...

This post really made me laugh. I try the distraction thing whenever my crew gets out of hand, and although there are only two of them it rarely works. I think you should have put out some applesauce to distract the tribe!

Wylee said...

Don't you just hate it when they figure out the odds are now stacked in their favor? 4:1 that's darn good in Vegas.