Friday, July 14, 2006

Could you tell the kids they need to keep the

water fights outside from now on. Apparently by kids, I need to include all of them.

Arriving home from a doctor appointment last night, the Tribe met me at the door in full tilt commotion. But they were all bathed. Did dad give you a bath?

No, we had a water fight! A huge water fight. That would explain the flood on the kitchen floor, (that's one way to get it clean). I guess spraying the kitchen sink hose at the kids was Trihubby's way of killing two birds with one stone.

Did you get dad back?

"Oh yea baby! Oh yea!"


But the water fights need to be contained outdoors, the carpet on the back step doesn't dry so well. In case you are wondering, I just roll my eyes and shake my head. I love having a husband who loves our kids and has fun with them, even if it means mopping up the kitchen floor on occasion.

Buck Naked and Soapinator are having a CO2 war right now-in other words, they are blowing on each other. BNB didn't know what CO2 was at first and had great indignation until his sister explained it's just your exhaled air.

We decided to drop from our race on Sunday-it's going to be 100 or so degrees with a very high humidity. While it stinks to lose the entry fee, the cost of racing might be higher-it's a 6 or so hour day when all is said and done, and that just doesn't compliment our current training plan that well. It seems a long ride or run early in the am is a better deposit than a long, heat exhausting day. A friend is going to pick up our tees and schwag-so we're good.

I will be flogged if I forget to mention that Hyphen Girl colored her hair. Close your eyes and think tweener girl.

"Mom, I'm going to die my hair pink and blue, pierce my nose and get a tattoo"

That's fine honey, so long as it all goes back to normal on September 5th-the first day of school.

"And I'm going to chopped my hair short and spiky"

Ok, dear. I had a suspiscion that rebel tweener was giving expression to all of the stress of finals, projects, homework and end of year pressure, coupled with the fun of shocking the more conservative teachers at her school. A friend of mine has a niece who gives expression of herself with multi colored hair, and agreed to help HG with her transformation. As the weeks of summer wore on, and the more relaxed pace of being home settled in, the hair designs moderated.

HG got her ears pierced and on Monday died her hair a lovely auburn brunette.

Check out the Transition Area olympics atTrigeek dreams This is my favorite transition photo, only because it is my first tri-the one that got it all started (note the mountain bike) I'll have to work on an official entry.


TriSaraTops said...

Ha ha ha! My hubby, when we were in high school and just friends, would go around with is friends with "drive by soakings" with their supersoakers on unsuspecting teenagers, namely me, and soak the hell outta me. Sounds like TriHubby and Matt would get along REAL well. :)

Look how young you look in your pic--like you're about 20! I think triathlon is the fountain of youth.

Fe-lady said...

My daughter died the under layer of her hair a bright pruple/red- but she's almost 20 and I have no say anymore!....She also got a tatoo...hmmm.
It's a new generation!

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

my oldest (17 and super well-behaved) just got his ear pierced (while Mrs. Kahuna watched) and he's got a temporary mohawk (that the Kahuna will mow down Monday).

i can't wait for our more rebellious children to come of age.

greyhound said...

Mrs. Greyhound and I only have one. We can doubleteam her, although there is hardly any need, she is so easy and compliant on the big things. As compared to parents who must resort to zone defense because they are outnumbered by the kids, o hardly feel like a parent at all.