Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mom, I don't know those Kahuna guys...

Soapinator appreciated the comments her blog drew, but the "shout out" part threw her a little, so I schooled her in the other studly men of the blogosphere. Bolder
is the smack talkin', bike flyin', chocolate loving, mountain hangin', PDawg!

"Oh, I love him!" "He can have a shout out!"

Not sure if she means the two or four legged man at this stage of her life-she seems to love horses and the guy on Fantastic Four with equal fourth grade enthusiasm- read voluminous, high pitched, squeal. Either way, you rank Bold!
The Flatman
is a Lance loving, bike (see you can't use the word whoring when discussing with a 9 year old) loving, awesome family man with a really cute dog.



He can have a shout out!

For the record, The Silent Fury, Walchkaget's a shout out because he drinks his beverages through a swimming noodle :)The Iron Pol gets a shout out because there is a little Iron Pol; "Are we going to babysit him" "puleassseeee!" and Cliff gets a big brotherly hug.

She can have the site back Sunday afternoon when she can write her own race report.

I found THE KING!!! He's training his way to Iron, with a bad neck and all! Send him a virtual slap on the back. Carefully.

How Trimama got had.

June 4th

"Trinephew and I want to buy a photo scanner for my sister for her birthday."

Trihubby's sister is a single mom to five kids dealing with the extraordinary additional stress of an ex with paranoid schizophrenia. It's a train wreck, but she is a strong woman, with strong faith, and carries on.

They are kind of expensive, but that sounds like a great gift.

June 4th + 2 hours

Scanner is installed and sitting on printer desk.

Sister in law's birthday is July 14th.

"I thought I'd use it to scan some of our photos before I give it to her."

Trihubby had been angling for a scanner for months but it didn't fit our current budget guidelines.

Oh, that's cool.

Oh, that's really cool (sentimental tears as more and more pictures of my babies show up on the screen saver slide show daily)

Yesterday I was at Target with The Tribe and called Trihubby to chat about what to get his mom for her birthday.

"She'd probably like some of those garden lanterns."

Oh yea, that would be great for her front yard.

"Pick some up for my sister's present too"

Uh, scanner....sitting on my desk....

"Oh, Trinephew decided to buy something else for his mom" On or around June 10th.

Admittedly the best end run around my veto pen to date.

Doubled up yesterday, mile or so open water swim, 24 mile time trial bike (18.7 avs!!!!!!) with the Tri Club
run/lift today


Chris said...

Sorry I missed you out there yesterday. I opted to ride long yesterday morning instead of riding with the tri club.

Have fun this weekend and best of luck again to Soapinator on Saturday! It's going to be a hot one out there, so try and stay cool. Are any of you guys racing the following day for the sprint or 1/2?

fashiongal said...

that is the cutest dog ever
what kind
i love it love it love it

fashion gal

:) said...

Thanks for the puppy love, Soapie!!!

Good luck in your upcoming race.

Kudos go to tri-hubby for he awesome fake-out...

18.7 mph...dang!

Iron Pol said...

Toddler and Baby Pol are available for babysitting any time. Of course, there is the slight challenge of locations. I'll keep the Tribe kids in mind if I ever contemplate a race in the Twin Cities.

Mrs. Pol is an amazing wife, and will take our kids to races. It's easier on her if the kids are elsewhere. Of course, Toddler Pol might just follow BNB on any airborne adventures.

Bolder said...

now that's what i'm talkin' about!

P-DAAWWWWGGGGGS in da house!!

actually, i don't remember posin' for dat pic, but, clearly it shows da best of me.

thanks for the shout out soapinator. rock that TRI, and report back...

your bloggy bud, bold.

walchka said...

Woohoo a shout out! I knew the noodle would pay off someday. Have a great race Soapinator!

marz_racer said...

Great ride on Wed. Smoking speed. I should have rode with you, I might have been able to hold your wheel.

falco348 said...

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