Monday, July 24, 2006

The Tribe is taking over...

My mom is busy tearing up the carpet in my bedroom so we've taken over for her this week. So here goes,
Hi Kahuna and Iron Wil, It's Soapinator and I'm doing my first triathlon on Saturday, July 27th.

I practiced yesterday with biking and running and tomorrow I will practice swimming. Today is my day off. I'm really nervous for my race.

I hope you guys like my blog

Update: Blogger stinks!!!!! Why is is taking forever and ever to upload photos?!?!?

Tribe training is going well- can't wait for the race report :)


Bolder said...

hey soapinator.

where's my shoutout?

oh well, say it to the hand.

good luck on your race!

Flatman said...

What's up Soap? I want a shout too!!!

Cliff said...

Great blog :)...that's right..start them while they are young.

walchka said...

Good Luck Soapinator! Can't wait to hear about your race. Stay cool, cause it's gonna be a hot one.

Iron Pol said...

Hey Soapinator, good job taking over for TriMama during her "home improvement" phase.

And watch out for Bolder. Now that you made him feel left out, he'll probably have no sympathy for your training woes.

Good luck in your triathlon, assuming it is on the 29th. It's great to see young people involved.

Chris said...

Good luck, Soap! Have a great race on Saturday! :)

Fe-lady said...

Hey, Soapinator...does Trimama have a calendar because if you are racing on the 27th then you are racing today! (THURSDAY!) Sat. is the 29th! Hope you have fun regardless of the day and date!
How about a "shout out" for an old-laldy triathlete show just completed her 93rd one? So I rate or WHAT??? :-)

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...


you ROCK! see you in florida

Wil said...

Sopinator, your are SO cool! I know your mom is all kinds of proud of you :) I'm a day late in getting here, so to make up for it, please ask your mom to help you pick out a very cool shirt from my site on me, and I'll put your name on the back! :)

Awesome race, kiddo!