Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tattoo my butt and call me a triathlete!

My original post title was going to be "Taconite Boy wants a tattoo". But by the wonders of modern auto think, a former title popped up when I began to type. This was the title of my race report from the Liberty Half Iron. At that time I had no intention of inking my backside after Florida, I was going to do the ankle thing-damn auto think.

At any rate, Taconite Boy is enamoured with my tattoo. So much so that he showcased his tattoo video as post turkey dinner entertainment, FOR MY IN LAWS!!!!!! I love his mom and dad, and they love me, I'm just not so sure they needed to "know" me that well. For the record, I'm not so sure anyone needs to know me that well, but alas, we didn't get 'too'd in Vegas so the world gets an all access pass. Of course the video is a gift that keeps on giving, thanks to the almighty Iron Kahuna, I'm just glad we didn't video any of our kid's deliveries.

So, Taconite Boy wants a tattoo. I suggested perhaps he ought to wait until he actually had something to say. Which explains why he showed up in my dream last night, butt freshly shaved and inked with

"Minnesota Proud and I LOVE TO EAT!"

How nice.

T-boy begins his journey to Iron January 2, I'll be alongside every step of the way, and I can't wait.

For those of you interested, we are going to Wildflower in May and will follow the same training program that got us through a rockin T-Boy olympic, two halves and Florida in fine style.

We'd welcome more virtual training partners, with many of our training endevours being podcast worthy, no doubt.

Details to follow- You might even get a tattoo out of the deal


Iron Pol said...

I'm 28 days into my 30 day swim adventure courtesy of Mike Ricci. He says I get some time "off" after this. Whew!

Tac and I will be pretty close in training schedules, so it will be interesting to see how our journeys compare.

IM Able said...

Count me in! I'm starting training on the first (kicking off with a GYGO tri, of course) and then it's all about IMmoo'07. Sometimes I'm ridiculously excited, sometimes I'm a little scared, and both experiences make me pee my pants a little. Not a lot, just a little. ;)

Can't wait to follow along in the space of cyber. Wahoo!!

walchka said...

Let the games begin. I'll meet Tact down at Afton for some hills. :)

He so has to get the homer tat. lol

greyhound said...

I'm marathoning like there's someone chasing me, but I'm back to multisport as soon as I can get a doc to give me the needle and nock out my "widow neck" problem (as nytro calls it)

Fe-lady said...

Will Taconite be posting his weekly workouts? I would love to see what/whose program he is following! How exciting! :-0

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

I suggest a portrait, done by Kat from "Miami Ink," of the Kahuna for Taconite Boy.

RunBubbaRun said...

I'll be following along, since I was planless and TAGless last year, that would be cool to follow along with T-boys workouts.

Lana said...

Man, I'd love to do Wildflower...but for the sake of being closer and therefor cheaper, it looks like it's going to be the Gulf Coast Half at the end of May for me.

Mark said...

I already know so many people with tattoo regret and most of them are still in their mid-twenties...just wait till you pass 50 and you are going to feel like a real dumbass--especially since they be all faded and blury on your loose skin.

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