Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yes, Taconite Boy got his t.v.

and it's entirely possible it's been on too much this weekend. The doctors tell me they ought to go back to normal with a few hours of sunshine and a good book. As for me, I did the ultra early morning run on stores, but was slightly less amused, I think I went to the store visited by the most hung over, onry types. How can you start the most magnificent season of all in poor spirits? I generally do all of my Tribe shopping on Friday am, but this year only walked away with a new quilt for our bedroom. We have a few ideas for the Tribe, and are still waiting to see how they pan out. We cooked for 21 people on Thanksgiving day, Soapinator, who is "Sweet as sugar, like apple pie" made her annual classic. Uh, yea, it's good. Especially with vanilla ice cream.
We never actually made it to the Turkey Day 5k. I can't explain it exactly, it just seems like the more whole I become, the less I need to have all of those diversions away from reality past, it's quite refreshing actually. And it felt really good to just sleep in after a hectic start to the week. Holidays don't hurt nearly as much any more. How could they with a crew like this? Pretty tough to express in words how thankful I am for The Tribe and Taconite Boy. We had his family over for Turkey, in addition to a few friends, and much to my amazement,


17 pounds of turkey, 10 pounds of potatos, 3 pounds of oh-my-gosh-gingerbread-is-the-new-secret-ingredient-stuffing, rolls, broccoli casserole, apple and pumpkin pie etc...


I ended up cooking cornish game hens and a new dinner, mixing in the meager scraps from Thursday, for Saturday evening.

We did the annual run to the Christmas tree farm Friday afternoon.
You drive for an hour to the middle of mid america, and are met by a guy, heater in mouth, who shoves a map through your window, and directs you forward to his son who tosses a saw in your lap and advises you to watch the "one way" signs. Always polite and always slightly suspicious of anyone not adorned in camo or Polaris wear. We leave our spandex at home.
The fields are beautiful, and you wander along taking in the scent of fall and pine, looking for the perfect tree. Almost invariably we walk around for an hour only to return to the tree we parked the car by when we first pulled to the side of the lane. This year, however, the perfect tree was a quarter mile walk into the field, and the "old growth" forest. The Tribe always has to help cut the tree, and it's one of those annual pictures that really deserve a framed montage. Alongside the ones of dragging the tree through the door. The day we go artificial is the day Christmas ceases to exist.

This farm also has a petting zoo, and hay rides with Blu Blocker, gin soaked Santa. Fantastic. He's a riot. Of course, it was Taconite's year to bump along in the wagon with The Tribe, and imagine his dismay when there were no seats left and Hyphen Girl had to ride the round with Buck Naked. A 13 year olds dream date. :-) She weathers these things well, I think she gave in to our lunacy long ago. We capped off the night with Fuddruckers and the weekend with decorating the tree.

The latest Get Your Geek On broadcast is up, reminding me of one more thing for which I am thankful, the blog and tri family.

Have a good one!


Kewl Nitrox said...

Too Kewl. I have never had a real Christmas tree before. NEVER. They are kinda hard to come by in Singapore.

Iron Pol said...

Our artificial tree officially bit the dust, last year. Since B-Boy is old enough to actually care, we are likely to go with a real tree.

Our trip will be a bit less eventful. We will still drive the hour, but there won't be a guy or a map. We'll hit the tree farm our church owns, march around and find our own tree. If the kids want a hay ride, I'll have to be the driver, assuming the tractor is up and running.

Glad to hear you had such an awesome Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful holiday weekend!!!! I have never had a real christmas tree - and didn't even get the artificial one up this weekend, so you rock!!! Maybe we'll go for it and try a real one this year - that looks like a lot of fun!

Spandex King said...

No Spandex!!! Those country dudes in Polaris and Camo just love me when I stop in for water at there watering hole.

You have an awesome family. I see it in every post.

Happy Holidays!! The King!!

Fe-lady said...

I never thought I would say this, but damn, I wish I had had more kids...the holidays just aren't the same without a bunch of kids...looks and sounds as if you found the perfect tree after a great Thanksgiving!
I agree with you about the artificial tree thing...never had one and I hope I never will!

momo said...

trimama, sounds like a perfect holiday weekend! i'll have to remember that gingerbread thing for next year.

Unknown said...

Trimama, it sounds just glorious (except for the shopping), and a wonderful beginning to the festive season. The tree looks just great!

Abbey von Gohren said...

Yes, Christmas trees.

We won't get to go into the woods for ours, but we've located a florist or two in Paris. Yeah. Um, with our budget...cue the Charlie Brown music.

I don't care, as long as it has real pine needles. Even if it's just half a dozen or so.

Merry Christmas, dear ones!

A & K

Born To Endure said...

Nice tree...good for you!! We stopped doing that after we stepped on one too many needles..sure smells nice though..enjoy!!

:) said...

I love your posts. really. :)

greyhound said...

Unless I miss my guess, I spy HG wearing some greyhound schwag.

The 100%, geuine, artificial greyhound tree goes up this Friday.