Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baby on board

No, no, no, I'm not pregnant-we've been through that already, don't need to go there again. It's just that all this excitement about t-shirts for
training and Iron inspiration tripped my brain over to those t-shirts that pregnant woman wear-baby with a large arrow pointing to their stomach. I like the male version better: "Beer" with a large arrow pointing to their stomach. At any rate, for the love of google, I entered b.o.b. into the search engine and was instantly directed to a web store featuring a wide array of b.o.b. wear. Fear not oh buxom male friends, there is a "baby on board" t-shirt for you, which begs the question, did the site designers pay any attention at all to the slogan they were plastering on every soft piece of merchandise they were selling? Given this one, I tend to think not. Although I could see some frat boy having a great time at a party sporting these. Perhaps not. I suppose if you are on a quest for a one nighter it's better not to advertise consequence on your shorts. My suspicion of ineptitude was confirmed by this final offering:
A thong!?! They expect a pregnant woman to wear a thong? Then I was reminded of the humor that got me to b.o.b in the first place. Wil has a shirt with "The Top 10 Reasons I Tri" and it made me want a b.o.b shirt with a top 10 reasons I'm "bob-ing"

10) The vikes were losing 42-3 at half time

9) Birth control in Wisconsin? Fishing/bow/firearm/duck, opener. Which explains the lack thereof within a 50 mile radius of that little cabin in the woods.

8) Antibiotics v BC = blue dot on the ept

7) Valentine's day

So, you get the picture, and for some reason this just made me laugh. I suspect my brain was still frozen from the run. I really need to get some UnderArmor.

7 strong miles. The kind that make you glad to be a runner. Today is a staff meeting at work, so it's a swim day as well.

Have a good one,


Flatman said...

You crack me up...I thought we were going to have another pregnancy scare!

Susan said...

Thong - what were they thinking. Ha.

Bolder said...

i gotta read through your blog and catch up... seems like i missed some stuff...

Mia said...

That gave me a good afternoon wake-up laugh. Yeah, when I was pregnant that thong would have looked real nice on my 205 lb butt!

Comm's said...

thats pretty funny. You should take to your doctor, I think you have cabin fever already.