Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sorry, I like global warming

I mowed the lawn in a short sleeve shirt today. Got the rest of the leaves raked and the last of the fertilizer down as well. Tomorrow, I bike. How often do we get to say that the first week of November in Minnesota? My new training program includes a M,W, F swim. It's not a good sign when you miss the first swim of a new training program. I should know better than to implement a new program on a "no school" day which also corresponds with tri hubby's final vacation day and final day of reinventing the basement. Our basement has been a sort of catch everything that is thrown to the bottom of the stairs container since we moved into this house almost 8 years ago. The prior occupant had painted the walls and thrown down some cheap carpet so as to call it "finished" for the sale. He neglected to mention that there were no functioning lights in the "finished" area. One outlet exploded when we plugged a fan into it. So, you might say the wiring needed to be updated. We hauled everything out, stripped er to the bones, re wired, trimmed the new egress windows and gave her a fresh coat of paint. All that's left is to lay the wood flooring. Tri hubby has become quite handy around the house over the years. He's had to because I just keep knocking holes into things. When we first moved in the bathroom was whorehouse ugly. My imagination was not helped with the knowledge that the prior owner had rented the place to prostitutes and crack pushers. So, a month after buying the place tri hubby returned home on a Saturday morning to find the walls of the bathroom on the back lawn. He wasn't very happy. Particularly because he wanted to take a shower. It also didn't help that behind the moulded shower insert I discovered a perfect frame for a window. "We can't have a window in the shower" We can have a glass block window. "We don't know how to install glass block" I know how to do it. At that point it didn't seem like such a good idea to tell him my knowledge consisted of watching my neighbor lay a brick fireplace threshold. Window, threshold, it's just brick and mortar-we can do it. Off to Home Depot-you can fix it, we can help. Well they weren't there at 2 in the morning when the final brick was set in place, but the window is still there. Yea me. So, over the years I make holes and he fixes them. Tri hubby likes wiring. We tore out the false ceiling and left the beams exposed. They look really great painted and give several inches of height to the room. He wired cans into the rafters. I'm not sure if it's overkill, meaning the number of cans installed, but the floor above now vibrates like a nuclear reactor when the lights are on downstairs. Dimmer switches are good. The two greatest things about the new great room: "kids go play downstairs" and a designated training area. I'll post pics of the bike and trainer later.

The boys have been having a great time helping dad, Buck Naked Boy in particular. Yesterday he was having fight #1,817,324 with brother so Trihubby called him over to talk to him. Do you want to go work in the basement? This was meant as a threat of punishment. Yea!!!! All excitement and jumps. I guess that didn't work.

I noticed a cluster of small red dots on Standing Long Jump yesterday, right at his waistline. I've had those before from when I demo'd all of the windows. It has the appearance of a spider getting trapped and biting a half dozen times in an effort to escape. We figure he got them working downstairs. We've always had a lot of spiders in the basement. They lay these little white egg sacks, and we discovered dozens of them when we pulled the rafters down. Out comes the shop vac and now the arachnids are plotting our destruction from the confines of dust and worksite debris. "I can see how SLJ got the spider bite" Trihubby informs me. "There were all those spiders and nests, the spiders are gone now, they must have migrated upstairs" Which explains why it's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep. I knew I should never have watched Aracniphobia.



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Flatman said...

Ick...spiders. I can't wait to see pics of the new training room!!! Congratulations on the warm weather (at least while it lasts)!

Spence said...

I can totally relate to loving global warming AND house demolition. This past weekend we ripped out the kitchen ceiling in shorts and tshirts with all the windows and doors open! I'll take 60 degrees in November ANY day. I'm just waiting for the payback when it's 30 degrees next June. Looking forward to basement pictures! And congrats on signing up for IMFL!!

Mica said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment at your house!

Comm's said...

very descriptive post. So how can I convince Mistress to do all that yard work on my last day of vacation?

Chris said...

Ahhh, the off season. Also known in Minnesota as "road construction" and "home repair and improvements". I have several similar projects scheduled for the winter. :)

Oldman said...

ok post some pics of the new room... i hate spiders unless they are dead spiders.

Bolder said...

Thanks for the kind words TriMama -- believe me -- in my hardest days, I could feel everyone's thoughts and prayers holding me up.

Look forward to catching up with you...

Take care, Bold.

Steven said...

You don't need a bunch of other triathlon finishes to make yourself "Ironman worthy." You only have to have the determination to do the training, the courage to stand at the starting line, and the desire to cross the finish line.
Congrats on IMFL entry - you can do this.

Keryn said...

Oh...I feel your pain there. I absolutely abhor bugs of any kind.

Love the spam...

awb said...

I'm all for the warm weather. It has been amazing this fall in SC. We went to the beach in late October and got sunburned.

Global warming? I love it!

Julzies said...

Cool blog!

I am inspired...