Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Spring

So, when are you going to start your Ironman training? questioned Trihubby.

I figure I'll start pulling it together about October 1st-that should give me enough time.

The 3100 yards in the pool last night-final 200 in full on sprints must be the "non training" training.

Trihubby joined the 5 or 6 million other people with dirty cars at the little car wash assembly line place. (I always have to go through the octopus ones with Buck Naked Boy-we have a great time pretending we are scared) While he was waiting in line he spotted a car with a 140.6 circle on it, and a very geeked mom in it. He caught up with her in the waiting room, turns out she did Couer d lene (sp?) this past year. He was very impressed with her physique. "She was totally fit!" he offered enthusiastically. I forgot to mention he began the conversation saying he had something very sobering to say. "She looked like a teenager, but better!" "So when are you going to start training?"

Apparently the Holiday cheer accumulating on Trimama isn't what he had in mind. I was thoroughly sobered. But wait there's more.

"She was cute like you, and just so fit. Not sinewy or too thin, she looked like a teenager but better."

He seemed to be stuck on the teenager thing. But I understood his point. And he said I was cute. Within the confines of marriage it seems to work to talk about athletic bodies and not offend each other. He can observe a woman's backside, comment and there I am agreeing or disagreeing along with him. Only in the context of sports can a man get away with that.

"A little girl was run over by a car at the car wash." "It was awful, everyone was screaming and they called 911"

Oh, that's the sobering part.

It turns out the girl was ok as far as we knew. They move the cars quickly and she had gotten in front of one and been bumped aside by it. She was hysterical, the mom was hysterical, the waiting crowd was sobered. Trihubby had that stunned, "that was awful", effect for the rest of the afternoon. Life is so precarious at times, accidents tend to remind us that nothing is certain-so go hug your loved ones. Preferrably after you finish reading my post :)

So, as part of my non-training I went to the pool last night and did 3100-felt great! SLJ and Soapinator had swim team practice at the same time so it was a family swim of sorts. I had a nice chat in between sets with the girl I split the lane with, a runner in training for her first marathon. I assured her swimming and biking are a great complement to running, and then she could try a tri.

I think we have a cadre of divorced dads on the swim team. One was sitting on the pool deck watching practice.

I noticed during a rest interval he was watching the swimmers.

Almost makes you want to jump in and join them, doesn't it?

"Well, only if I had a suit like yours"

I got it at Sports Authority, they had plenty.

"But I wouldn't look as good as you in it"

That's true, because I don't have a hairy chest.

Thank goodness.

I moved into the next set.

I'm not very good at the pick- up game, thankfully don't have to be. In my attempt to seduce Trihubby later I told him about the pool conversation. Turns out while I was swimming he was checking out my backside from the observation window.

"You do look good in your swimsuit." He says matter of factly.

Like a teenager?

"Even better. You have a sexy butt."

Which he can grab any time he wants.

Merry Christmas All!


nancytoby said...

Too bad the car didn't hit the teenager-looking chick.

Whoops, did I say that?


Keryn said...

Hey, I've heard divorced swimmer dad and trihubby aren't the only ones admiring the lovely and athletic Trimama! I believe Big Kahuna (among others) as a healthy obsession with the rockin' hot Trimama!

You are a strong, hot mama! Be proud!

Glad the little girl was ok.

TriDaddy said...

ok ok. look. she looked athetic, and I am only commenting on how fitness makes all you ladies look great, BUT NONE GREATER THEN THE TRIMAMA... hopefully any hole im in is getting more shallow.


Chris said...

At least BNB has an early appreciation for the finer gender!

Hope that little girl was ok. I bet it was all over the local news?

Comm's said...

You dress up in little Santa helper outfits don't ya?

Flatman said...

Ha, Comm read my mind...

Merry Christmas!

Tammy said...

Haha... very funny post!

It's "Coeur D'Alene" in case you care. Just over the WA border in Idaho. Best known for their high neo-nazi population. woohoo. But, it is a beautiful place.

See ya soon!!!!!!

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

Tri-hubby showed amazing ability to get out of the doghouse and into the bedroom. Nice job!