Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who am I?

So the "list things about yourself" got me thinking, and thinking...

and I realized that I've spent 10 years thinking intently about who I am not. Growing up in a violent, cruel household tends to turn your thinking upside down and backward. I've spent a lot of time undoing that. Don't worry, this isn't a post about abuse, I promise, for every 1 thing I'd tell you about myself, there are 5 you'll never know-it would ruin your sleep and we all know how important sleep is to the endurance athlete :) and it's my burden to carry, so...

Who am I?

I think I'll come along for this ride, I might even learn something.

1-I'm 37
2-Married 15+ years
3-I like being married
4-I have 4 kids known as "the tribe"
5- Hyphen Girl 12, Soapinator 9, Standing Long Jump 7 and Buck Naked Boy 5 (they named themselves for this blog)
6-When I was 18 I swore I would never have children.
7-I thought I had no chance of being more than the least common denominator of my family
8- I also promised myself I wouldn't get married until I had a career established.
9-I met trihubby when I was 20
10-he changed my mind
11-God changed my heart
12-I had Hyphen girl when I was 25
13-Amazing what a little unconditional love can do for the soul
14- I love my kids- a lot
15-I'm not the least common denominator
16-I was a multisport varsity athlete in high school
17-I love sports
18-I used to dream of being on the women's national soccer team
19-I love to coach
20-I can never remember if it's coach or couch
21-I live in Minnesota
22-I started life in southern California
23-I moved to Colorado when I was 6
24-I consider Colorado my home even though I've lived in Minnesota longer.
25-I'd move back in an instant
26-That's a much more difficult statement than it was when I was 20 because my family and friends are here.
26-I tried my first triathlon 6 years ago-I trained for a week, it was a reaction to a bad event, it sucked so it's been stricken from the record
27-I first heard about tris in college-1986-damn that was a long time ago
28-I put that on my lifelong to do list
29-it took me 20 years to fulfill
30-now I'm signed up to do an Ironman
31-I am a moron
32-I like training
33-maybe I'm not such a moron
34-I love country music (not top 40 pop country, but real blue grass, old timey, country music)
35-I also love alternative, classical, jazz,
36-my favorite group is U2
37-Tequilla and cheap champagne make me goofy
38-I drink only red wine and light beer when I'm in training.
39-I lost 35 pounds since last year
40-I'm proud of the inches of space in my skinny jeans
41-I've gained back a few pounds, but my skinny jeans still have room to spare-yea me.
42-I'm a Denver Bronco fan
43-I can be equally cynical and naive at the same time
44-I am far more content giving then receiving
45-I pretty much hate shopping
46-Bike stores, camping stores and office products are the exception
47-Don't ask about the office products one, I have no idea.
48-I love to find bargains but I don't like cheap.
49-I loved cheap when I was younger but now it's just not worth the time and landfill space
50-I'm a political anomaly-I tend to agree with both sides to some degree, have strong convictions about what I believe but won't die on many political hills if it means the cost of friendship. I'm not a politician or policy maker so I can afford that luxury.
51-If I had a million dollars I would buy a large house in the country and adopt 16 kids. I want 20 kids and even I can do that math.
52-I am not so good at math but I graduated with honors from high school and college and I'm a member of the National Honor Society-so what does that say about the state of education?
53-I have a bachelor's degree in nutrition and I'm a dietitian
54-I'm a personal trainer at the YMCA
55-I like people
56-I'm an intracortical thinker and tend to write a lot in my head. Someday I'll download my brain and perhaps have a book to publish.
57-I began life as a pagan but left the dark side and am now an firm believer in Christ and Christianity
58-I despise arrogant "Christians"
58-My pagan roots generally make me feel like a wort on the buttock of the body of Christ (that's christian-ese for church) then I remember that Jesus said he came as a doctor to the sick and I feel right at home again.
59-I think actions speak louder than words
60-I think it is better to "be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry"
61-my heros tend to be the little guys who do extraordinary things.
62-there are dozens of "one another" verses in the bible like "love one another, respect one another, be kind to one another" I want my life to be goverened by those
63-I've been a pagan, catholic, epicopalian, charismatic and a baptist. The baptist one is current and really makes me laugh because if you've read my blog long enough you know I pretty much break the baptist mould-shatter it actually. Maybe that's why I feel like a wort.64- I like to joke and laugh a lot
65-Laughter is a good antidote for serious
66-I like to read-current titles: "Going Long, Surprised by Joy, Healing the Hardware of the Soul and Tale of Two Cities" My favorite books are the classics.
67-I love the outdoors
68-Someday I will own a horse farm
69-I love the mountains and the ocean
70-If you dropped by my house I'd welcome you in for a snack, but you'd better be ready for chaos. I'm not a meticulous house cleaner by any stretch.
71-I love to cook-baking is another story
72-I have a Lauren Bacall gap in my front teeth. I could say I have a David Letter gap but I prefer to be compared to a sexy aging blonde than a bald middle age man.
73-I don't like having my picture taken and I really shirk having my picture on my blog or any other public venue.
74-I prefer the background but am not shy-rather the opposite
75-I have a tendency to think too much-and therefore could probably list another 75, but that might be presumptious and rude, so there you go

Have a Very Merry Christmas Blog Family!



Flatman said...

What an awesome list. I like you more every time I read a new post!

Fe-lady said...

Great "snapshot"- or maybe a "photo album" of you and your family! It's wierd how I feel as if I "know" the tri-blog community, but have never met any of them. Your kids and husband are one lucky bunch! (And all those kids you are going to adopt one day!) I know how to get rid of that goal an educator for a few years and you just might change your mind! (no, you probably wouldn't! You should be a teacher...there's still time for yet another degree! Right?)

Wil said...

Awesome, I love Lauren Bacall, btw. So, I think I'll nominate you for a couple different Kahuna bloggies categories here ;)

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

you are a writer. not many people could write what you just wrote.

merry christmas!

Steven said...

Nicely written, Trimama. You are a special person.

Keryn said...

Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

mipper said...

that was beautiful and soul baring and completely lovely. thank you for sharing with us.

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Phil said...

Hi TriMamma, I've mostly been a "lurker", but I've always liked your blog. I've found your posts very interesting and well written (I still have your Triathlon sunrise photo as my computer's Wallpaper). All the best for 2006, and Merry Christmas to you and the gang.

Kewl Nitrox said...

You are who you are and you are a BEAUTIFUL person. Merry Christmas!