Friday, December 30, 2005

Best Rock Riff---Ever!

Argue if you will "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd


The song is 9 minutes 11 seconds-think that might take a little endurance?

Soulful contemplation gives way to chaotic angst gives way to climatic peace and resolove--simply awesome.

I have got to upload "Purple Rain" by Prince.

Feeling fully recovered from TCM and the Holiday Lalapalooza I am ready to let the training commence-again.

I'll be meeting Nancy and friends in Frostbite Falls. Come along for the journey-it might help some of you warm weather tri bloggies toughen up a bit. While typical cold weather scandinavian food tends to be some burgoo white paste concoction, Trimama will indulge her western upbringing and make a hearty batch of SOB chili. That's "South Of the Border" for you puritans, Son Of a...upon first tast-guaranteed to warm those frozen toes, particularly when consumed with generous quantities of Padron Anejo straight up (none of this frilly margarita stuff-it's 10 below for goodness sakes.)

That will be the last sweet nectar for Trimama until November 4th, the greatest sacrifice (heavy on the melodrama here) following Kahunas challenge for New Year's resolution to sacrifice. Leaving Frostbite Falls, if it doesn't have "Light" and "Beer" in it's name it's not passing Trimama's lips. Hold me to it Tridaddy-glad Chang's comes and goes before we arrive at the Falls.

My first tri of the season will be Jan 1

when I join the likes of these and plunge into frozen Lake Minnetonka. Some geeks and I from the local tri club figure we will run the lake to warm up, take the plunge and then if we factor in a bike ride at some point- voila Frozen Triathlon.

There is still room to register, so come on in, the water's fine.

Happy New Year! Let's go get our geeks on!


Flatman said...

Hell no...that water would kill me!!!

"The water was cold!!!" - George Costanza.

Have fun and save a bowl of that chili for me!!!!!!!!!

nancytoby said...

Brrr! They have a charity Polar Bear Plunge near here, and I was going to do it last year, but I couldn't see spending $50 for an entry fee to DIE FROM COLD.

Keryn said...

Hell, if that doesn't get you motivated, nothing will. You will probably have your slowest run and fastest swim ever! :)

You are a brave woman...for the beer thing.

Shelley said...

Helllooooooooo how about NOOOOOOOO...brrrrr

tarheeltri said...

You're crazy. There's a reason I keep moving south... it's called cold.

Wylee said...

Oh that looks like fun! Count me in! We have a polar bear plunge over here in WI for Special Olympics, you come jump in with me and I'll come jump in with you.
You go first ;)

Chris said...

Manitou in June is cold enough for me. You're nuts!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

See you at Frostbite Falls. But if the water there looks like that I ain't goin in. Happy New Year.

Fe-lady said...

I guess the big dude breaks the ice for the rest of the crew...
With my thin blood I wouldn't survive!

Cliff said...

I am not getting dunk in that water. The shrinkage will kill my self esteem.

Kewl Nitrox said...

They tried to get me to do that in Finland - called it a good test for the heart. I.e. if my heart is still beating after jumping in, I have a healthy heart. :) (I didn't do it.)

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