Saturday, June 10, 2006

70.3 Baby!

The short version:


Half Iron Baby!!!!!

Unofficial time 6:15 Waiting official results

Friends are coming over to celebrate the start of summer (it's 58 degrees and overcast-you call that summer?) So, campfire, steaks on the grill and a little friend I like to call Patron, Reposado. I'm taking a view days off from Ironman training camp-I think I've earned it.


Habeela said...

You have DEFINITELY earned it! Way to go!

Susan said...

I'd say you earned some time off . . . and some Patron . . . Congratulations.

Keryn said...


Chris said...

Congrats!!! It's been crazy busy this past couple of weeks, but I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. Good to hear that all went well and that you finished with a great time!

Hopefully, the post race party was equally as fun! :)

Fe-lady said...

Six-FIFTEEN!!! (give or take a few seconds..!) Many I KNEW you were ready for completely rocked the course..and must have placed highly in your age group as well.
Maybe in all your "free" time in the next few days you can write a play by play..
And crop and bring closer that finish photo of you and your two kids so we with poor and old eyesight can at least see the damn thing!

TriSaraTops said...

WAY to go TRIMAMA! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

Bolder said...

you crushed it!

one step closer to iron!!

nancytoby said...

Whoa!! WAY TO GO!!! Congratulations!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!