Monday, June 05, 2006

Tattoo my butt and call me a triathlete!

Ok, I still have no tattoos, but I had way too much fun yesterday! And, might I add, I am an Olympian!!!!!!

For you seasoned triathletes, that might not mean as much, but trust me, for Trimama, it's stellar.

This is the course that almost squashed my tri career last year- the swim, the hills on the bike, I was toasted by the sprint course. This year I was prepared. I was freakin half iron prepared-which was good because this was my prep race for Saturday.

Here's the stats:

186 out of 228 overall- Chris Leigh was first overall by about 9 minutes
46 out of 64 women-Badmann only beat me by 54 minutes :)
10 out of 19 in women 30-39
31:48 swim- I absolutely cannot swim in a straight line-so let's just say this was my 1.3 mile time .9 mile swim. The lake was choppy, and I think pulling my face over the wave when I breathed perpetually sent me towards the right. Oh, and then my left leg cramped, so I pointed my foot down and dragged it for 75 yards, swam another 30 and my right leg charlie horsed. That hurt like the onset of labor. I basically dragged my body side ways for 150 yards towards the finish, trying to regain mobility in my frozen leg. That sucked. Surprisingly, I stayed very calm though.

I pulled my wet suit off in the water-works like a charm when you are about ankle deep-much faster than struggling with it on shore.

T1 2:57 I deliberately putzed here, making sure I implemented my nutrition plan-worked like a charm. I also ran with my shoes on my aero bars through the longer transition area and waited to put them on until just outside the mat. Made for a faster commute.

7th out of 19 on bike (yes I broke the top 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) calming now.

1:23:04 for an average 17.9 over 24.8 miles. That’s almost 18mph on the hilliest course I have ever ridden, with 30 mph gusts of wind that really wanted to dump you off your bike.

T2 2:36 Trying to switch out your laces pre race and then forgetting to loosen them and slide them on and off so when you get to transition you have monkey with the laces uuuggg is not a good idea. Talking with a race partners wife for a bit-makes it worth the fun of being there.

11th out of 19 on run-I ran my half marathon half iron pace deliberately-walked and talked the water stops and chugged up and down the hills. Waited for Trihubby when we met at my mile 3.5 and his mile 4.5-kissed. Aaaaahhhhhhh. Race directors have bizarre humor, this course has about a mile incline up, up, up, to a cemetery, where you loop through and head back down toward the finish. Mildly amusing. Chatted with a dad most of the run which helped it go by faster. Caught race partner with a half mile to go, he was hurting with a bad hammy.

High five, and whooped with every spectator over the last eigth mile, leaped five feet in the air through the finish line. My finish is becoming the stuff of folk lore now ☺
Hugged Trihubby at the finish line.

I kept to my goals to run a clean, practice race. Nutrition worked well, and I feel like the kinks are ironed out as much as they can be.

It’s on to Iron.

Badmann was one of the most genuine, gracious people I have ever met and has one of the badman-est bikes I have ever seen. Her nutrition is housed in the frame, there are no bullhorns, just aerobars and the wheel is some wicked composite thing. Pics to follow soon.


Fe-lady said...

Congrats on your stellar race-so sorry you cramped on the swim. Ain't it a bitch? But you did the right thing and remained calm thru it! I can't wait to hear more about this race you completed and see some pix! You ARE an OLYMPIAN triathlete baby! YEAH!

Bolder said...

you are an Olympian!


Habeela said...

And this is such an awesome report, it is what I will aspire to on Saturday! :)

TriFeist said...

Yee-haw! Great job on the race. You are ready.

Iron Pol said...

Congratulations on finishing the race. And it's good you stuck to the plan, so well. One more sprint and I start the trip towards Olympic distance.

Flatman said...


Comm's said...

that sounds like so much fun. Good for you. BTW, I didn't know you were in the 30-34 AG. We have broke bread together, your a young 24-29 if a day. Stop lying on your race apps.

greyhound said...

Awesome. Way to race. One of the lasting impressions of my first tri was all the tri-mammas and tri-hubbies in their 30s with moppets in tow at the expo. What a great sport.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Way to go, TriMama!

rice said...

Great race.