Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Buzzy cuts, Blue patches and Hairy Pits

"What's wrong with hairy pits?" queried SLJ. Nothing, as far as me and my junior high girl friends were concerned. Harry was the gorgeous high school boy that lived across the street, and who would send myself and my girlfriends giggling and screaming out of sight each time he was in his driveway. Harry wasn't always a Pitts. His biological father, Mr. S, left early on though, and his benevolent, adoptive father, Mr. Pitts, fated him to his eternal infamy. While no one in this household would admit to it, we have our own version of Harry living across the street.

School ended last Thursday, and with that the 88 days of summer commence. All of my training hours are logged early, and the focus of blogging shifts ever more so to the antics of The Tribe. There is no better sign of summer than the buzzy cut rite of passage. I have no idea how the boys accumulate that many layers of sediment on their skulls each day, but I do know the best way to keep them clean is to shave them close. A quick scrub with the wash cloth at night and they go to bed clean and dry-headed in their air conditioned rooms. Plus, you can't beat the feeling of rubbing that scrubbly head. Standing Long Jump charges a quarter per rub. Despite the look on his face, SLJ was esctatic for the end of school, but HG had bloodied his nose by accident (?) right before the pictures. She was apologetic, so I'll take her word for it.

With the final day of school comes the awarding of the coveted Blue Patch. It took a grueling run on the track and a hyper extended hamstring flexibility stretch, but Soapinator won her blue patch. (which she proceeded to lose and find again on the play ground in the melee of screams and jubilation of "School's Out!- high drama, that)

The pool passes are purchased, the days are long and the nights are warm, the air is scented and the end of the day beer is cold. Sleep is peaceful and life is good. We ride with the local tri club tonight, and will no doubt further cement the plans for Zurich over beer and appetizers.

I did a ladder, speed workout on the track yesterday morning and was painfully reminded that I did a half iron Saturday when I awoke this morning. A little more recovery time, please.

Have a good one


Flatman said...

Ohhh..that's a good book. (We're library rats...)

Tell your hubby not to fall asleep with that cell phone in his hand... :)

I love your family posts!

greyhound said...
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greyhound said...

Screwed up my first comment, so I'll try again.

The night before her first day of day camp, our tribe of one intoned that "tomorrow, the adventure of my life begins!"

I wish I were 9 again. I love summer.

TriSaraTops said...

OMG--How CUTE is that Tribe? :)

mipper said...

my son begged for a buzz cut i begged for one. my husband said "please don't buzz teh boys' hair this summer..." why not? i totally agree about the grime. i'm still trying to get it out from last summer... and no buzz cuts?! the injustice! ;)

Fe-lady said...

YESSS...those days of summer! Love the pix, all of them! Love summer haircuts (just got one myself-not quite a buzz tho!)
And- you are losing focus lady, if you are already thinking of Switerland! One thing at a time!!

Habeela said...

Ahhhh...summer. My favorite time of year! :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Nice hair cut! I love running my hand thru a buzz cut too. Since it is summer all the time in Singapore, I relented and decided to stop the buzz cuts when the boys got to about 3. :D

Chris said...

You know... I was just thinking of giving myself a buzz cut. Growing them out is always such a pain, though.

Hope you guys had fun at Famous Daves! See you next week?

Keryn said...

Your children are absolutely amazing...just in case you didn't know.