Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fighting the nerves

I'm in full on taper mode now, and that is simply too much time to think. I'm nervous as heck, with 2 days to go. I made the mistake, maybe, of looking at the registered partipants. There are only nine women in my age group doing this half and of the 180 racers only perhaps 40 are chicks. What's up women? Do we want the guys to have all the fun?

Speaking of fun, is there alot more to be found in the sporting life than crossing the finish line?
Trihubby bikiing strong
Cooling off in the lake.

I have a whole blog about a recent realization I've had about fear and no longer being afraid-but I think it means to wait until after this race is complete.

So, on another note, Trihubby just called, he's out pub-ing with the Local tri club after the weekly ride and apparently we're doing Ironman Zurich next July. Sounds like fun, but then so do braces. I don't mean to burst his beer happy bubble, but you don't walk into the ortho for under 3 bills, times four, so it's either teeth like the Brits and flying first class, or nice shiny teeth. Perhaps a blogland vote is in order :)

Just one 20 minute run left, then race day.


Fe-lady said...

Thanks for the race's always nice to know what you guys look like, especially when in tri-mode!
Best of luck during your up-coming race! You are going to do really well....just don't point those toes in the swim, ballerina!

nancytoby said...

Best wishes for a great race!!

I'm hoping to get a shot of Natascha's bike this coming weekend too. So cool!

tarheeltri said...

Good luck on your race! Since you get to race with 140 men, does your husband get to race with 140 women? I might be interested in that race as well.

I hear ya on the braces thing. Apparently dentists can see into the future because they have already told us to start saving for our daughters inevitable braces, reverse head-gear (for what they say will be a severe underbite), etc, etc. I think next time we don't leave the check book lying open at the dentists office!

Bolder said...

time to toe da line sister!

all the women are racing danskin. i keep trying to get into those races, but they won't let me!!

you're gonna do grrreeaaaaaaaaaat.

let your preparation meet your opportunity on each given race day. do your best, that's always best enough!

Cliff said...

Great pics and race report....cheetah..oh what a bike :0

Iron Pol said...

Good luck, this weekend. You'll do great.

I personally would vote for the race in Zurich. I spent 10 years and several thousands of dollars on braces, including three separate times having them installed. A broken jaw and what the orthodontist referred to as an "odd growth pattern" and I still have moderately screwed up teeth.

His solution, $10,000 worth of surgery. I bought a bike.

marz_racer said...

Trimama, Tri club trip to Zurich will be unreal. I'm in, pretty sure you and trihubby are in. Right?

Tri-Geek Kahuna said...

good luck, trimama. you are going to smoke the course. remember, BIG smiles the whole way through.