Sunday, June 18, 2006

Be careful with my truck....

"...I've got my door racks in the back" Trihubby admonished me when we swapped vehicles at work Friday night.

Oh, you mean you want me to sharpen my dismal depth perception and watch what the heck I'm doing when I back out of that parking space. I suppose that means you want me to miss the party tent erected in the parking lot for the express purpose of keeping the Monochromes from sublimating into the pavement and forming neon, gelatenous pools of miscreant. Is that what you mean? Good thing I'd have a "severe thunderstorm with 65mph straightline wind" as an alibi, although the 24 hour video surveillance could be a problem. I still in need of an explanation for taking out the yellow post in the bike store parking lot. One good thing, I have a titanium bumper. It's indestructable-god knows I've tested it's limits. In the true kid loving spirit of Trimama, I opted to reallign the truck tires rather than take out the sole source of parking lot shade.

Yes, that is the cute little pupster, keeping watch over the home front. Yes, she scuttles backward when she barks at strangers. No, she isn't yappy, and she doesn't bark very often.

Yes, she must think her droppings are chocolate, and therefore irresistable to consume. At least that is Buck Naked Boy's explanation (I really need to keep an eye on what he puts in his mouth). My apologies to chocolate lovers everywhere. No, I don't let the dog come within five feet of my face. Neither of them.

The Tribe is enjoying summer, going to their park program, gearing up for day camp and just being kids. Frankly, I'm a little tired of the "what are you doing for the summer?" question.

Pretty much the usual. Laundry, clean house, train, clean house, train, library, picnics, train, clean house etc.

I am taking The Tribe camping this week. Trihubby is opting out, something about sleep, and his own bed. I don't get it. Ask me Friday night (if you can wake me)

Training is moving along fine, I think I'm past the 7 day slump, post big race, and feeling my legs again. Trihubby and I rode 48 miles Sunday am, for Father's day, and we did an early am track run this morning. I ran a 10K Saturday and my legs weren't too happy- it was more a run/walk in the very Florida-like wind and humidity.

Group swim in the am and bike ride tomorrow evening-

So, go celebrate the Summer Solstice in style.

We are racing a sprint race Sunday-whoopee for speed!


Spence said...

Thank the goddess for SUMMER!!! Remember when we were counting down days until Dec. 21st when it would start getting lighter again? Bring on the heat and the sun and the barbecues, long training days, sunscreen, swimsuits, races... LOVE it.

That is one cute puppy. But what is that other thing??

Comm's said...

I am with Tri-Hub, I have gone from camping on the weekends twice a month for two years and throwing in a full week of camping/fishing once a my current idea of camping, room service at Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

Fe-lady said...

Cute forst dog...what is that second pix? I can't figure out if you have a sheep in your yard or if it's one of your kids dressed up!
Here's to Summer! (And go get 'em on Sunday speedy!)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh heh been reading about your depth perception problems with humour, and wondering if it is time you installed reverse sensors? They have saved my butt quite a few times. :D

And thanks for putting me off chocolates for the entire week. Cute dogs. :P