Monday, August 07, 2006

Statement of Intent

First, a general question for Mac using blogland: If I use iWeb to create a blog will it allow for comments? I am so ready to overhaul my blog. Thoughts?

wrote an inspiring post titled "Statement of Intent"- if you didn't read it, scroll back in his blog and give it a read-kind of gives you goosebumps. He concludes the essay by wrapping his bike in black tape. So, that got me thinking, and with 11 hours on my trusty ax last week I had a lot of time to think

Bubble bike has been good to me. Very good to me. I've never dropped a chain, suffered only one flat, no crashes, and she's given me an irreplaceable education in all things life. But she's a bit winged right now, tapes coming all unraveled and to be honest a little time worn. Now I could just pull the tape, re wrap it, slap on a new band of electrical tape and be done with it, but that just seems like so much garage sale frugality, mindless meandering, Sunday ride to no where thinking. In two weeks I race my final Half Iron of the season, a comma in a year long sentence, that ends at Florida. The Tribe goes back to school in 4 weeks, then it's pedal to the metal training to the starting line in November. I want new tape. I want my own statement.

I used to despise the color pink. Pink was weak, and girlie, and dominated by every other color in the pack. That was yesterday's pink. Now pink is strong and courageous, it identifies those who overcome, and those who are fighting to do so. It remembers those who didn't. Pink takes all the pieces, strong, broken and otherwise and combines them into sexy, strong competence. Pink is a bold statement.

Then there is yellow. Yellow smiles at four minutes of adversity and then runs like a champion. Yellow doesn't quit. Yellow remembers and is stronger for it. Yellow sacrifices to do what is right, even when the personal reward is fleeting. Yellow inspires and challenges others to rise up to the task. Yellow overcomes with warmth and style. Yellow is a 38 year old mom and world champion. Yellow is unique.

Rainbow sherbert striping isn't an option. I want to choose one. Either way I win.



Flatman said...

Put pink on your bullhorns and yellow on your aerobars! THAT would be HOT!

Spokane Al said...

I was going to make a suggestion but after reading Flatman's comments I think he has nailed it. I recommend that you follow his advice.

Iron Pol said...

Flatman wins. My comment has become dopey in light of his awesome suggestion.

Chris said...

I dunno. I'm a fan of simple and am boring so probably would just stay with black... or white. Or maybe blue since it's the bubble bike, although you probably wouldn't get the same exact shade and that would bug me.

But none of those are the colors that you asked about so I'll just shut up now. :)

marz_racer said...

Flatman's idea is good. However, I have seen bar tape that is yellow with pink zebra style stripes. That would be cool.

TriFeist said...

If you don't want a mix, I favor pink. The meaning of pink has changed for you just has you have changed for the ironman.

But I also like yellow. Both would look killer on bubble bike.

Bolder said...

thanks for the shout out.

it's your statement of intent, it will come to you, just like it came to me.