Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sweet summer rain

A cold front has passed through and finally dispersed our record breaking heat wave. It was 101 on Sunday and horribly humid. I biked indoors on the trainer Sunday and ran on the treadmill Saturday. That's like winter in July with no Christmas. It rained somewhere between 1-3 inches last night. Everything is a little soggy, but the best part, the lakes are refreshed. The water was getting just too soupy for comfort, this ought to change that substantially.

Thanks to all for the comments and congrats to The Tribe, they feel like celebrities.

Next up is Miracle Kids Triathlon where they will be racing in honor of a kid with cancer who can't-they have the name of the kid on their leg and arm instead of a number. Check out the website, it made me cry. I can't imagine the sorrow of spending my kids life in a hospital watching them suffer and possibly die.

Hyphen Girl and Soap will be collecting pledges, shoot me an email if you want to contribute, and I'll send you the info.

SLJ, who had a great time at the race this past weekend decided not to do Miracle Kids.

"I think one kids triathlon a summer is enough. I'm going to do the same race next year" He wants to PR. Whatever that means, there was no timer at this race. I'll have to remember to ask him.

The race is on Hyphen Girl's 13th birthday. !Ay Carumba! We had planned for some time to go down to Iowa with a friend of hers and a friend of mine and make it a chicks weekend. Oh, and I have a half ironman race thrown in just to make it fun. Unitl this Miracle Kids race came up I was acutely focused on the race. We were leaving in the early am to get to the hotel in time for packet pick up, I wanted to drive the course, blah, blah. Now, the Pigman Half is just a race and Miracle Kids is huge. The kid who won the pledge contest last year has cerebal palsy. His biggest concern was to do as much of the race on his own as he could without falling down. I emailed my race to ask them to leave my packet at the hotel as I am staying at the host hotel.

Perspective is always nice.

This half is really just a long training day to further test nutrition and race strategy. How odd that a half ironman is only a comma in a sentence that is a little over a year long. I love this sport!

Lake swim today with The Tribe and club ride tonight.


marz_racer said...

Sounds like you will be pretty busy keeping up with all of the races. Have a good ride tonight. I have four days until the Steelhead 70.3, so I am doing an easy 30min on my trainer and all of my bike tuning. Congrats to the Tribe and to you for nurturing the multisport lifestyle.


walchka said...

Yes the rain has been great. It's funny how your "training" race is my big race of the year. We'll see ya in Iowa.

Bolder said...

i said that to two women at track this morning, that my half is just practice for the full, and they looked at me like i was nuts.

and, i am.

and, we are.

greyhound said...

Trimama, some of us are late to the party and don't know the stories behind the tribe's online monikers. Maybe you could reset the backstory or link back to those original posts.

Curly Su said...

wow--your family seems amazing...