Thursday, August 10, 2006

Victory is sweet!

Trihubby and I rode again with our Local Tri Club last night. Sorry to report, no stellar hill charges with
, we were both feeling a little leggy from the training miles. We had a nice chat about training and racing for the first 8 miles and than it was all calves and off went the man of steel. I was pleasantly surprised to hit our meet up point with a 17.9 (that's almost 18!) avs, and that is the more difficult part of the course in terms of hills. The inclines that used to leave me crying for mommy are barely noticeable now, I can't tell you how surprising that is; to improve your biking ability you need to bike. The miles and hours are starting to pay off. Yea!

Now, the important news!

"Puke and Rally" our formidable tri trivia team crushed the opposition last night and took home the coveted "free night hotel suite" award and a nice bottle of wine. We actually fielded two teams and took 1st and 2nd place. You gotta love Irish Pub trivia night. We plan to continue competing, amass as many victories as we can and then have a great year end party at the hotel.

Of course, temptation rises and Trihubby and I briefly thought about taking the room and the wine and celebrating our 16th anniversary Friday, but we wouldn't want to defraud our teammates :) You gotta admit, a sneaky little rendevous with the hubby sounds so nice...thinking, thinking. I might just have to figure it out anyhow.

Some dufas stole my camera at the pool last week, so I've been picture deprived, but Trihubby was able to score a 7 mega pixel, metal cased Canon on clearance, so I'll be posting with pics again soon (allowing for Blogger boogery and all)

Happy trails!


Iron Pol said...

Some people must not have had mothers, growing up. Forget that it's illegal to steal. Disregard that it's unethical. And there is always forgiveness of the sin.

For me, if I were ever to forget the above, I still wouldn't steal someone else's stuff. I know that my mom would somehow be there to see it and "beat me to within an inch of my life." It doesn't matter that she lives in Florida and I'm in Wisconsin. She'd find out.

Camera thing aside, it's great to hear that you are seeing tangible results of the training. That's a huge morale booster, I know.

walchka said...

Trivia at an Irish Pubt does sounds like a good time. Congrats on your wins and anniversary.

Sorry to hear about your camera. You have to wonder what's actually going through their mind when someone does something like that. Glad to hear that the pics will be returning soon!

Fe-lady said...

May the DOOFUS who took your camera be struck by lightning the next time he/she swims! (But I bet it wasn't a real swimmer or triathlete who took it...!)
Great job on the bike ride...I want to go FAST on smooth pavement again. Time for a change!

Chris said...

It was great riding with you last night. I didn't mean to take off before we got to the meet up point. I actually went ahead to take a turn breaking the wind because I felt bad just sitting in the back. Oh well.

Looks like trihubby had a great ride last night. I always get antsy after the meet up point and end up riding with the front group after that. I saw the back of his jersey for most of that portion of the ride as he would power up the hills.

Hope your legs are feeling better. Mine did loosen up quite a bit after last nights ride so I'm glad I went.

And congrats on the new camera!