Thursday, August 11, 2005

15 YEARS!!

Wow! Tridaddy and I tied the knot 15 years ago today!
Standing Long Jump and Tridaddy compiled a slide show for the mac of old photos and "our song" Chicago "Just You and Me". Of course that made me cry. It's amazing to look back over the years.

Kids are at the folks tonight, so we are going out on a picnic to one of our favorite spots and then to a little pub where we went on our first date.

Thought I'd throw out a new catagory of tag for you all, in honor of togetherness

Favorite movie: Princess Bride
Our Songs: Just you and me (Chicago-well pretty much that whole album), Natural Woman (Aretha)
Favorite Food: Thai, tex mex, cheese and wine
Favorite hobbies together: biking/hiking, racing, cooking, music
Most peculiar: enjoying a fine cigar together while hanging out

Tagging, Flatman, Chick Fit, Chris, Commodore

Kiss your honey today in tribute :)


Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful evening without the kids tonight!

Mica said...

Congratulations!! 15 years is an awesome milestone. My husband and I only have 14 1/2 years to go before we can say the same thing. :)

Comm's said...

The princess bride is an awesome movie and I am comfortable enough with my masculinity to admit that. The dredd priate Roberts..hahaha.

congrates on fighting off the urge to be a lemming and follow the mass media in committing marital sucide by sticking around for so long together. Married people are nowhere near a minority in this country.

Keryn said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't it amazing how you can feel like you've been with someone forever and still find it hard to believe it's been 15 years?