Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You're just a phy ed instructor, right?

I normally save the "just" adjective for "a mom" as in, you're "just a mom" right.
"just" is a challenge.
Just defies More than Just.
Does anyone ever say, so you're just a triathlete?
Your're "just" a marathoner?
I think not.
Are you "just a mom" comes from people who didn't have very good ones, or who have a very distorted view on what's valuable to society
Even the marginal moms are more than "just".

I was cleaning equipment at the Y yesterday, which in addition to cleaning towels constitutes a large part of my job as a "phy ed instructor". Not a glamourous vocation, but I enjoy it.

I'm acutally a fitness instructor, and that question was posed by an older gentleman who was working out while I cleaned.
We actually had a good chat, and I certainly don't mind the question. Older adults grew up in a different time, with different vocabulary and different vocations. I don't fault him a bit for not knowing the technical name for my job, or for not comprehending the hours of study and training that brought me to his machine that day. I frankly don't care if he knows because I didn't do the work to impress anyone. I did the work so I can sit and chat with people like him. Or the late 20's teacher who came in later and wanted to get serious about working out. She takes her class hiking each winter and she wants to make it to the top without getting winded. After 25 minutes at 145 average heart rate teacher was pretty proud of herself. Then we added 10 on an elliptical and that more aerobic than she'd done in a very long time. Not a bad workout for a just a teacher and a phy ed instructor.

More later

It's BNB's 5th birthday today, it's hot and humid, taxes are due and I haven't managed a work out since a Sunday bike ride.

Just another trimama day- have a good one



Flatman said...

Wish BNB happy birthday from me!

I don't think you are "just" an about that!

Chris said...

"Are you "just a mom" comes from people who didn't have very good ones..."

My thoughts exactly.

Also, Happy Birthday to your lil' one! See you on Saturday, perhaps?

Comm's said...

Peoples perceptions of people who work in the gym business is somewhat jaded. If you enroll people-there is stigma of being a 'slick used car saleman'. If your a trainer and not super ripped then your waiting for something better to happen in your life.

Gym workers are caring, concerned individuals who are looking to make money at something they are passionate about.

Keryn said...

Happy birthday, little man!

I love your comment that you don't care what other people think of this job since you didn't do it to impress people. That's a great way to live.

nancytoby said...

Oh, %&$^^% those people who say "just". I tell people I used to be a college professor. Then I got a promotion - to Mom.