Thursday, August 04, 2005

Taming the Wave in "06- It begins!

PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon

Let the training begin!

Tridaddy has officially endorsed Chang's as the start of TRAINING. It's a race that ends in a big rockin' party in the middle of the desert, how can you go wrong?

Commodore says the ocean is only 4 hours away-so we can add a little swim training to the mix.

So, register by 9/15 for the early bird discount and make your hotel reservations-it would be a great way for team IMmoo and IMFl to start the official training together.


Comm's said...

hoorah! Well guess i better sign up then. I was anyway but now I better get on that horse.

Flatman said...

Goodness, that is a 15+ hour drive for me, or roughly $400 in air fare.

Can we all stay at Comm's?

Hell, I could sleep in the garage, it's so clean!

Flatman said...

Wait, can I run a second marathon just 30 days after my first?

Chris said...

January 16th??! That would require me to be running for a long time outside in November and December. Are you feeling ok, Trimama? Did you forget, by chance, that we live in the arctic tundra? :)

tarheeltri said...

I agree with Flatman, for us it will be more like "Taming the Credit Card"!

Vertical Man said...

Hey, I'm thinking of doing Changs too. Sounds like a blast of a race for my first 26.2