Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm not Insane!!!!

I love Carey Grant's movies, the favorite of late is Arsenic and Old Lace. The best scene (warning: if you haven't seen the film skip this section) is when his homicidal aunts explain to him that he is not related to them by blood but was rather adopted. He realizes he is not insane and runs through the streets making that declaration.

I can relate. I was raised amongst the Criminally Insane (CI), but only one cell of me as zygote originated from the CI, the mobile one was contributed off the floor of some dingy Vegas casino no doubt, (a mystery to this day), which makes me only half insane; therefore I tri.

I preface the following explanation of my kids names with this information as it will lend insight to my thought processes.

I call the melee of energy, curiousity, humor, angst and love that is my four kids, "The Tribe". My great grandfather was a Sioux, and a proud and accomplished man. He determined to not be bound by the quagmire of the reservation, married my great grandmother, an english descendant of the Mayflower families, and went on to be an accomplished musician and businessman. I love the diversity of culture that is my heritage, and attempt to rise to the virtuous and honorable traits they embody. The Tribe is a nod to those traits.

The pater familia of the CI was a seething racist, so I'll admit to an additional motive here, a few degrees more of separation.

Now, on to the nicknames.

We were taking a Sunday drive not long after the start of my blogging experiment, and were discussing blog nicknames. I mentioned to the tribe that they could choose their own nicknames and this is the result:

I dumped a load of pics from the camera to the hard drive the other day and low and behold there was a picture of BNB's naked booty. I wonder what 7 year old brother took that pic? I spared you the nasty and myself a call from child protective services by not choosing that one to post, so here he is, Buck Naked Boy.

Soapinator is the 8 1/2 year old. She was going to be horse girl, as she believes that a mistake was made in her genetic pedigree and that she was really meant to be a horse. I'm glad she is a human girl though, delivery would have been brutal.

Standing Long Jump is the 7 year old. He had just completed his first field day at which I monitored the standing long jump. I suppose he associated athletics with me and therefore 1+1 = his blog name. That or it's some mystic prophesy that will be fulfilled in some future olympics.

Finally, this is Hyphen Girl. I could have selected any of a hundred photos for her, she is a girl of many interests, which is probably why she came up with a dozen different names for herself. I settled on Hyphen Girl, just to save time and space.

So, this completes the tutorial, oh right, there is tridaddy, but that is hopefully obvious, unless you are confused by the other tridaddy who lives in North Carolina and is expecting a newbie any day now.

So, now I just have to figure out how to reduce the body of this post and have it scroll down the right side....sounds like a good workout for a taper week.


Spence said...

Thanks for humoring us! Very excellent names. I seem to be suffering a disconnect did Swimming Sensation #2 go from Horse Girl to The Soapinator? Was there soap involved anywhere in the scene? ;)

tri-mama said...

Soapinator is her nickname from her gym teacher at school-sorry, I meant to include that.

Comm's said...

very cool roll call

Chris said...

What a beautiful family! The Tribe is truly a spectacular bunch!

For my HTML lessons for the day, after each blurb about your particular child, try inserting a [br clear="all" /] (replacing the square brackets with the less than greater than ones) tag at the end of the paragraph. That should space things out a little bit and may be what you're looking to do?

Wil said...

Love these pics, and the layout rocks. I'm totally stealing Chris' tip, too ;)

Keryn said...

You've got a lovely family and thank you for the explanations. It helps me understand who you're talking about a little better. Thank you!!!

Flatman said...

Great photos and great family. Congratulations on a job well done. Tell your husband he did good too!