Friday, August 05, 2005

A thanks to my sponsors

An egregious falsehood is about to be propagated amongst the blogosphere, something along the lines that tridaddy and trimama are extravagant millionaires bantering around the country, racing, partying and carrying on. To put this to rest, allow me to introduce my sponsors:

I suppose I should add Wells Fargo and Costco. How, you might ask, does a marginal athlete yet lively personality such as Trimama manage to secure the support of sponsors?

Business Miles Baby!

For every dollar I spend, which, with a family of 6 are many, I get one mile of air travel. Tridaddy charges all his work supplies as well, so over the course of a year we accumulate air line tickets or hotel stays.

Works for me. Now bring on Chang's or and that little one- IMFL

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