Monday, October 31, 2005

Busy as a mummy mommy

My computer is down again, yes the G5 monster is in the shop for the second time in 5 months. Apparently there is too much computer and not enough space so it doesn't cool itself down well. (I see that at the Y all the time-it's ugly)

Yesterday was a busy day with Fall parties at school. I was mummified in rolls of toilet paper in Buck Naked Boy's kindergarten class. The room mom would make Martha cry in jealous anguish with her personalized napkin iron ons (yes, she ironed napkins) and individually embossed name tags and treat bags. The coordination of tablecloths and room decor was lost on the kids but the moms were impressed. I was curious. Then dad came to pick up Martha's son and the ensuing scene was heart breaking. Son cried with increasing angst as dad gathered his things to go. Mom consoled son with "I'll see you Thursday" . I was cleaning up as they discussed the four different homes son would be living in that week. He just wanted to go home with his mom. He probably wanted his dad there as well, but that would be too much to ask.

"I hate when his dad picks him up when I'm home, he always cries."

Son is five, of course he cries.

"He'll grow out of it"

He wants to be with his parents, do you want him to grow out of that?

I read somewhere that God hates divorce, I can see why.

the Kahuna decided he didn't want to be a Ricky Williams (he left the Dolphins, who had devised an entire offense around his running, the week before training camp last year. ) I spent some time at other sites and was glad to see the team hung together. I certainly contemplated what my training would look like without a team, and it was ugly. What I learned as I wandered is that the lines were still in the trench, the receivers were ready to go and the plays would still be called. We'd just need to be creative without our running back.

Iron Wil has a great post today, to that end.

Hope the G5 is back tomorrow so I can post pictures. I let a little girl in the class play photographer for the day. A party through the eyes of a child. Have a good one.


Cliff said...


I read somewhere that God hates divorce, I can see why.

That's a good way of looking at it. I feel really sorry for the kid.

Oldman said...

yes God hates divorce just like God hates sin but it is not the unpardonable sin. perhaps the worst part about divorce is the affect it has on children. the parents perhaps should have thot more, sought counseling and God's help before divorce. we are the "me-first" generation so the child probably wasn't even thought about when the divorce took place. just how do we divide him up.

The Clyde said...

Love the Williams - Kahuna connection....

....(Clyde secretly wishes he would have thought of that first, as it would have been a great comment on Kahuna's board)......

mipper said...

the coordinated party is the mom trying to maker herself feel better... no one else. poor guy. you should have just taken him home with you and the tribe.

Comm's said...

Didn't Williams also say he was retiring so he could smoke more pot? Kahunas from SoCal, but I don't think he rocks the dubbage. Course I can't speak for him.

FlyDi said...

Am I confused? Those getting divorced hate divorce. I didnt get married thinking I would get divorced, let alone put my child through hell each week as he is shuttled between houses. I resent the "me-first" comment especially. I STAYED married to an abusive man because I was thinking of my son and not myself oldman! Cut us some slack will ya? Trust me you cant comprehend how painful it is to be apart from my son, AND I am fully aware of the pain he is going through.
The best I can do is show him how to "keep on keepin on", and that life isnt easy and when you fall off the proverbial horse you get back up and try again.

Oh, I also finished two triathlons, so there! :)


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