Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Go Bob Go, that's Bob with one "O"

Mere steps from the finish line at the capital. One of these days I'm going to celebrate myself flat on my face. I'm in post marathon strange world right now. The feet are healing, I can almost descend stairs straight again, and I think that weepy feeling everytime I eat is just about gone. Funny how our brains react under stress. I think my sense of accomplishment in my first marathon will always be tempered by my disappointment in my time, but I also can't help but feel running through a hard day is worth more in the bank for IMFL than reaching my goal might have been. This left me strangely hungry. Hungry to train-harder. Hungry to push-farther. Hungry to work-smarter, much smarter. 140.6 is a long way to travel in a day, let the training commence.

The marathon was not without it's humor, the "Bob" sign being among the many that made me laugh. "Keep running, naked men ahead" (which never materialized) and "Beer Station" (crossed out by "sorry they shut us down"). At one point I was talking to a complete strangers feet, in response to "tell my feet that" more to say, but the carpool waits.


Flatman said...

I've got one word for you.


I love the picture, by the way! You gotta smile!

TGo said...

Congratulations, Trimama. I'm proud to say that I was not one of the many who did not finish. My time was not what I expected either, but I guess it's a good thing to have such a tough run as our first marathon. We know we can make it even under adverse circumstances. Next time--look out world!

TriDaddy said...

Thats my girl!!! All I want for Christmas now is a new shiny tri bike for my hot tri mama!!

pc said...

Congrats on the Marathon!!! I once heard someone give advice about running a marathon...2 things...put one foot in front of the other and eat the bananna.



mipper said...

i love that picture! if i could finish a marathon looking that joyous... goodness, i could do anything. you are a serious inspiration trimama! wtg!

brent said...

when i saw that sign i thought-- how rude, where are the naked women?? ha ha. congrats again. you smoked me!