Saturday, October 29, 2005

Working for the weekend

And this kids, is how we make beer! No wonder the teachers can't wait for Fridays. Although I'm not so sure I would want to drink anything brewed up in a third grade classroom, maybe this was just a pouring lesson. :) Btw, if the glass in the picture doesn't look like a frosty mug to you, pour a few back, it will eventually.

This is a serious taper week for the big event next weekend. So, my blogging might get a little spotty as I rest my index finger.

Tridaddy and I were going to vacation in PCB next weekend, volunteer for the Ironman race and sign up in person. How cool would that have been? But the 21 day advanced purchase window closed before we were able to commit to going and the cost more than doubled. Is it considered mortal if you cut out of the middle of church to send a registration online? My attention might be a little distracted until it's complete anyhow, so there is probably enough grace to cover me.

It's big ride weekend, enjoy yours!


Cliff said...

I think God will let this one pass. I mean after all, ain't we suppose to worship God in everything we do? Including registration for an IM :)

Susan said...

ha ha ha - you rest that index finger all you want!