Friday, October 21, 2005

Not quite stuck

I napped, under the watchful gaze of as yet un named bubble bike mounted on our trainer. (my goal is to spin 4-5 days a week) I could sloth no longer- spinning for 50 minutes. Spaghetti for dinner.

I did get in trouble for the chocolate cake. The best way to dodge inquiry is to actually tell the truth in spite of the apparently gross exaggeration.

Who ate all the cake?

I did.

You did not.

Yes, I ate all 18 slices, all by myself, in the last 24 hours. Winter is coming and I was freezing all day, call it hibernation instinct.


Ok, I didn't eat 18 slices, it just felt that way. Had dad and brothers not helped out I probably could have polished the whole thing off, no problem.

Monthly munchies and the onset of winter can be hell.

I made up for it in the pool today. One and half hours of swimming, sets of 300 yards drill,, drill, drill.

Swimming makes my legs jealous so I had to run on the track. I did a 5K as follows

Mile 1 7:30
Mile 2 7:48
Mile 3 7:40 (yea a negative split)

total 22:58 (I know a 5K is 3.1 miles-I ran the outer ring of the track so whatever- I did a negative split whoo hoo!)

So, there you go, have a nice weekend.


Comm's said...

thats awesome...eating all that cake not the 5k stuff.

mipper said...

great job! maybe the chocolate cake makes you faster or have better endurance? yeah... i was hoping, at least. :)

Cliff said...

I agree with mipper. Did u eat the cake before u train? Maybe that's the secret to running faster, choco cake ;D

Julie B said...

I could eat 18 pieces of chocolate cake, much as I don't want to admit to that. Good job on the negative split. Yahoo!

boiledpnut said...

I've been staying away from sugar for close to two months now (gave up coffee too, but the sugar is so much harder to stay away from!). I ate a cookie yesterday after the 5K and then proceeded to eat a ton of Greek almonds (the ones with the red candied coating) throughout the afternoon. Talk about a tummy ache! But once I got started on the chocolate cake, I mean candied almonds :), I couldn't stop... ACK!!!

brian said...

I'll have to keep that in mind bally gym