Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Broken Belly Buttons, Epic Training, An evil mistress, and stomach flu

I'm sitting here eating my BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, tea) hoping that this is the same 18 hour flu that's afflicted my various friends, trying not to fret that my training plan has gone into the abyss. It's just not right when you spend more time in the bathroom than training on any day. It's not even good reading time, speed reading is simply not my forte.

So, I meant to tell you that the boys are enscounced in shirt optional season which has yielded a constant fascination in Buck Naked Boy for his navel. "My Belly button is broken" "It gets all googly when I sit down" Googly being a kindergarten specific word that means his belly button disappears under the roll of his tummy when he sits down. Hence it is broken. Duct tape couldn't fix that one, and duct tape fixes everything. I am hereby ban from owning duct tape, it has something to do with destroying the finish on the cabinet when I used some to hang my calender. It was better than a nail hole- Trihubby didn't agree with my logic. He threw away my duct tape. I plan to have a roll of duct tape in my special needs bag.

I would probably devise a way to train today if it weren't for my epic training weekend. (I hope your mind didn't linger on duct tape.)

Friday 5.45 miles of hills, hills and more hills ran in 52 minutes
Saturday 13 mile run pacing between 8:30 and 9:15 min miles.

and Sunday, cue the orchestra I rode 61.2 miles in 3:53 which is just shy of 16mph average with top speed of 29mph and bottom speed of 12 mph (there were some nasty hills in the west metro). This means essentially nothing to anyone but me, but I rode alone, out into the countryside, for 4 hours. I told you learning to change my tire revolutionized my training. I seriously thought I might be restricted to keeping on my 12 mile loop that keeps me within 5 miles of home. I yelled triumphantly when I entered the driveway. That's the longest bike ride I've ever taken and it was just plain awesome. Next up, 102 miles of MN Iron-this Sunday. This flu had better be gone by then.

Finally, Trihubby has a new mistress and is threatening to spend considerable time with her. What is a Trimama to do?
Buy a pair of hot pants and cat eyes and join him, of course. Who knows, with the money we will save in gas we might be able to afford dinner out.

So here is the fairly humorous part of this: Trihubby wants me to get a motorcycle endorsement. He wants me learn to ride "Stella". Has he not seen the scraps on the car bumper? Does he not read my blogessional?

I bet I get my duct tape back.

Happy days all


Fe-lady said...

Oh man, you had better show Nytro and IronBenny your huppy's toy. I hear they are "in the market" for something similar...
Congrats on your ride! You felt very powerful after it, I can tell!
And if anyone throws out my duct tape...well, they would be thrown out of the house!
Hope you are feeling better!
(BRAT diet? Are you sure that's not what is making you ill??)

Fe-lady said...

Huppy? Is that like a puppy-husband? know what I mean! :-)

Chris said...

The tales of your tribe always crack me up.

Nice job on that ride! And I hope you feel better by the weekend! :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Duct tape is God's gift to cyclists - so are banana but that is a different story. I cannot imagine life before duct tape. :)

Nice scooter! Very retro. Would you believe that in India a family of four than get around on one of those?

Flatman said...

I love BNB's tat! Tell Tridaddy that is one sweet ride. But tell him not to take his eyes off of it; Nytro will steal it!

Congrats on the long ride out by yourself!!!

Susan said...

Our family was on the BRAT diet a few weeks ago - hope you are feeling better soon.

Iron Pol said...

Baby Pol (nearly 30 months) has a fascination with his "button." He is constantly checking to make sure his button is there. He asked me what a belly button does. And don't get him started on nipples...

Habeela said...

61.2 miles in 3:53?! Woohoo! That's awesome!

Bolder said...

just listened to you on GYGO!


looking forward to racing with you in Florida!!