Thursday, April 13, 2006

Invasion of the ?

It's 72 degrees at 9:32 pm. The last time it was 72 degrees at night in Minnesota was early last fall. I can almost hear the polar ice caps melting. Let the whole damn thing melt as far as I'm concerned, ocean front property in Minnesota would be nice. Sorry southern United States, but you had your turn. Ok, I didn't mean that. I've had too much wine and not enough sleep and just spent six hours re creating Narnia for 8, eight year old boys. Just to make things fun I decided to double book the night and host a maundy Thursday meal and a birthday party on the same night. Lovely. The boys had fun, the grown ups were well fed and I missed one of the best nights of church in the entire year-but it was worth it.

In the fun department, I changed my bike tire the other day. First time ever for this bike. Did it with the same tube, which is saying something since I went through three with the mountain bike last year. I began the project with the idea of timing myself, but quickly gave that up when Buck Naked's idea of "help" was playing "hide the tool from mom". The bottom line, I did it. Something like diving in the pool to start a workout-it's the little things that boost your confidence.

Confidence is good.

Biking with my local tri club is not confidence boosting. They average somewhere between 19 mph and lightspeed. It's all the same when all you see is backs-and then nothing. We covered 35 miles (including the ride from home to the meeting spot)-not bad for me, not bad at all. The beginning of the ride is mentally tough, which gives way to hills that I would flatten if I were queen for the day, but the final 15 miles are nice rolling hills and scenic lake. The good news is that I felt very strong at the end and wasn't ready to get off the bike yet. A tribute to all those trainer miles. I an so not ready for a century ride. That better change in the next 2 weeks.

I ride my first ever 100 on April 30th-my birthday. I had the choice between the Big Sur Marathon and this ride. I need saddle time, so it was stay in town and ride like crazy. I think I need to fill my shorts with jello. 100 miles is a long way to ride. Met up with Iron Chris on the ride-he is a great guy. How awesome is it that you meet so many strangers in the blogosphere, and some of them become real, in the flesh, good guys. How fortunate am I?

I departed from The Plan this week to really focus on biking, but I need to get in a swim and run tomorrow- so off to bed. Sat holds another 2 hour ride adventure.

Have a great weekend!


Bolder said...

Invasion of the biker!

We've recruited another to the mother ship with our outworldly saying 'it's all about the bike'...

Your reward is a 75F night in Minnesota!!

The Clyde said...

Hey Trimama, I'm pretty sure I placed an order with you for 1 xl bottom for the tri-geek swag, but have not gotten an email back with the paypal stuff...can you check to verify if I'm on the list for a pair of shorts?

The Clyde

TriSaraTops said...

So jealous of your weather! We cooled down a bit...but I'm off to Arizona to get my fill of "dry heat" and sunshine! Great ride--enjoy your Easter!

greyhound said...

Ah, Narnia. Read it out loud to Puppy when she was 5, but had to keep remembering to put her name in place of Lucy. Neat trick--Puppy saves Mr. Tumnus.

Fe-lady said...

You wil do fine on this 100 miler...something tells me you are somewhat of a hard- a__ if you want to be! :-)

Chris said...

Hey! Thanks for the email and it's good to know that you guys rode home that night. I was worried the whole way home!

Let me know if you guys are planning to ride with the club on what Wednesdays you're able. It'll make the drive from way up north much more worth the trip! :)