Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ten thoughts from the weekend

1) Confidence lost: biking sucks. I'm going to die out on the roads. Why am I doing a tri when I can't bike? A trainer indoors is fiercely different than hills, wind and moving traffic.

2) Confidence regained: 117 training miles and one week later. I love biking. I love the open road. I can't wait to tri-I can't wait to pass people. Look ma, no hands. Well, I'm not that confident yet, but even Trihubby commented on my increase in speed (read confidence) on the bike.

3) When confronted by corpulent middle aged man in a pick up truck, who stops at a stop sign, disgorges from his truck and bawls in your face that he is going to turn you and your friends into speed bumps next time he sees you on the road you:
a) pull out your glock 9, shoot out his tires and offer him a ride home
b) only dream about A, while thanking him for his concern for your safety and ride on
c) regale with laughter when your tri club captain, who also happens to be a police officer in one of the most "hood" like cities in the Twins schools said motorist in the particulars of MN traffic law concerning bicylces.

4) Does anyone aside of myself have a problem with this picture? Apparently not as Trihubby was the object of attack at SLJ's birthday party. What is not immediately obvious is that Hyphen Girl and her friend are locked inside the car with an arsenal of water ballons that they lob through the window, quickly closing it before they can be attacked by water guns. My mini van has become an organic experience, I guess a water gun deluge could only help. Thankfully, no one slipped off the top of the car.

5) retaining wall 5- Trimama depth perception still 0. Apparently I need snow drifts to navigate.

6) Will 100 miles the end of April
a) kill me
b) be a good indicator of where I am and where I need to go
c) be an awesome way to spend a birthday-especially if The Gunner shows up with the RV-can you say tail gate city?

7) Trihubby got out on his niece's motorcycle this weekend-brought back a good deal of nostalgia-we met and fell in love riding his then bike around the lakes 17 springs ago. No, you may not buy another bike right now. (a point that we agree on so long as the kids are dependant on us)

8) Charts that track how far you have run are great. Wrist worn gps units that say things like "get moving lard butt" and "is that all you've got?" are evil.

9) Spring thunderstorms are awesome- spring thunderstorms that turn to snow will guarantee the arrival of the men in white lab coats.

10) Does the incredibly impressive owl that recently took up residence in the tree in our front yard necessarily mean my invitatation to Hogwarts was lost in the mail?

16.5 mile bike today, with 5 mile run- run and weights with core tomorrow

have a good one


Habeela said...

My favorite: number 8! :D

Fizzle said...

Can related to #1 and #2, but have some years yet to begin to even fathom a proper response to children on the roofs of minivans...

walchka said...

I can relate to #3. I think MN nice goes out the door as soon as we get into our cars. :)

Great post!

Iron Pol said...

Regarding #9. Last year, I experienced rain, hail, and snow all in the same run. A 20 mile run (2 x 10 mile lap), where I dumped my sweats, overshirt, and gloves after the first lap (since I was overheating).

Second lap, it started raining. That turned to hail. And soon, it was snowing. Several miles running in the snow, in shorts, garnered the attention of no less than several drivers who offered me a ride.

:) said...

I snickered at #5...does that make me mean? ;)

Chris said...

Hey! I live in the "hood"! I consider 85th Ave. the DMZ, though. North of there, you're generally ok. The farther south you go, though... well, there are places in my own city that I wouldn't want to walk around in.

I don't know if I'll be outside tonight riding either. What's up with this colder weather we've been getting. I've even been thinking about throwing my bike back on the trainer for the next few days. *sigh*

greyhound said...

Unfortunately, some of the sherrif's on the rural Texas highways are little better at sharing the road than Bubbah, their brother in law (and third cousin) in the pickup truck.

Oh, and if I remember my Harry Potter correctly, you will very soon receive several more letters from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the event the first letter did not reach its intended recipient.

christine said...

wow 5 mi run and bike, i did my first "brick" haha- 30 min bike and 10 min run.
i gotta lot work to do!
i'll be back for inspiration
btw, loved your webcast with wil and kahuna!

Susan said...

#4 cracks me up - kids are the best!

Comm's said...

you have been a busy mama.

Kewl Nitrox said...

I vote for 3a - Glocks tend to get the point across pretty quick. :)

TriHubby looks good on the bike - maybe a bandanna will help just a wee bit. ;)

Cliff said...

Number 4...so your kids are watching your van? So nice of them to do so.