Sunday, April 30, 2006

The century ride

That wasn't.

I trained. I anticipated. I ate pasta. I recruited.

But it just wasn't to be.

I thought this would be my first epic century ride-seemed fitting on my 38th (gulp) birthday.
But the weather refused to cooperate. Saturday's radar showed a mass of green the size of, well the entire midwest and it was cold (44 F) and rainy all day. The creepy monster storm was re cycling like a hurricane, blowing in from the east-we never get wind from the east- and swirling back up on itself. We adjusted our plans and opted for the 62 mile route. by 8 that night the floodwaters were rising and my training partner and I were bailing. I to stay afloat, she to jump ship altogether.

5 am Sunday morning came and the green mass hadn't moved, so we rolled over and went back to bed thinking a later start might help. 7:30 am-sometimes you just have to say to heck with it and ride.

It was 9:00 by the time we'd driven to the ride, unpacked, drank coffee, checked in etc.

The first hour was great. Our $6.00 rain suits worked like a charm and we were comfortably warm. Hit a landspeed record of 32 and pulled in 17 miles. Then came the real hills. and the wind. Damn 20-25 mph wind.

The hill that sealed my fate was a 1300 meter verticle with a 60 degree rise. Over the previous hills we'd fly down and spin like crazy up. I knew I was in trouble when flying down into the wind netted 12mph. I watched the spedometer drop 12-11-10-9-8-7-6 and I was standing. My quads were burning and there was 40 more miles to cover. So I disgraced myself and all bikerdom and walked the final 300 meters. Dang. Trihubby for the record reached the top with room to spare. He is such a stud.

We rolled on, but somewhere around mile 25 I realized this is just not fun. Fun can be working hard and gutting it out. But this was just straight into the wind, no talking, just gritting, not fun. And it was my birthday. We arrived at the rest stop and refueled with the idea that we would ride to mile 48 and reassess. But 12 miles of the 18 were straight into that wind. The Tribe was waiting at home to go out to dinner with grandma and grandpa and we were far from home.

So, we turned back to the rest stop, clocking 32 bitchin miles

100 will have to wait for another day


Comm's said...

It will wait. A 100 is hard enough but in those conditions, its just training. I know the old adage, if it aint raining it aint training. Training above all else should be something that you like doing, even if at the time your a bit uncomfortable. Those conditions just sounded miserable.

walchka said...

My hat is off to ya Trimama. I bailed this morning in light of the weather.

Trisaratops said...


Second off, you made the right decision. No sense getting hurt/falling, etc. when the weather is that bad. The Tri Gods know in your heart you WERE ready to do a Century, so I'm sure they will overlook it!!! :) Hopefully the post-ride nice warm shower and dinner made up for it. You'll get 'em next time.

Nancy Toby said...

Happy birthday! You got in a good workout after all. Love that graphic!

walchka said...

Happy Birthday Trimama! Kinda forgot to put that part in the first time around. Opps ;)

Chris said...

Heh. At least you guys showed up for the fight! That's more than I was willing to try and attempt on Sunday.

I hope you've thawed out by now.

:) said...

Happy Birthday, Trimama!!!!!

Hey at least you got out there and get major points from me for that...

Fe-lady said...

Well I hope you had a glass of wine with your birthday dinner!!! You sure as heck deserved it! And what you lost in mileage, you gained in mental toughness. It counts. It really does. Trust me on this one! (I am such a wimp anymore, I wouldn't have even started the damn ride...!)
Happy Birthday, you sweet young thing, you. (I remember 38......I think....?)