Thursday, May 25, 2006

Emancipation of the pebbles

I hereby and forthwith declare the emancipation of all river rock pebbles from La Casa Trimama!

Blank stares.

Crikets chirping.

Keep the d@*# pepples in the playground.


The Tribe has been doing their own Shawshank impersonation of late, attempting to burrow from the confines of their educational prison via the playground I suppose. Hang in their kids, only 10 days remain.

I find pebbles on the floor, in the laundry, in pants pockets, in shoes, in underware, and my personal favorite in ears. How did you get a pebble in your ear Buck Naked Boy?

SLJ did it to me.

Goodness it's going to be a long summer.

Actually I did that once, I mean I stuck a pebble in my ear. (you can hang up with social services now) I was trying to do a magic trick that somehow involved hiding something in your ear, I chose a pebble. Never told my mom either, it was in there for weeks. It was my first crack at faith, the thing actually came out while I was praying during mass. That certainly helped to move the notion of the Almighty along.

"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowood be thy name, Please help me get this rock out of my ear, thy will be done, and I'll be nice to my sister forever, give us this, hey, it came out! ...amen."

The being nice to my sister lasted until we got home, but I never stuck another pebble in my ear, and I learned it's best not to make promises you have absolutely no chance of keeping.

Hyphen girl is away at enviromental camp for the week. Enviromental camp is a smarmy way of saying, whoo hoo no school for the week. They go through various classes in ecology, biology, bugs, birds, etc, but there are no textbooks, and no tests. I stopped by for a few hours today and followed along on the river hike. We wound down and around and over paths to the river, and knowing I would need to back track alone because I had to leave early, I paid careful attention to where I was going. At least I thought I did. I decided to return by way of running and managed to get lost. Not lost like Lost, lost, but more like, I have no idea how to go back the way I came, lost. I could hear the road though, so I caught a path towards it and made my way back via black top. Oooops.

It is sickly humid here today. It's the kind of humid where you don't sweat, you sponge-and you reach equilibrium like a sponge-not a great exercise day. With lower temps it's not dangerous, but it doesn't feel so great either. A storm should pass through tonight.

Life with puppy is going well-I'll find my camera and download some pics soon.

Uber training weekend again-time to really key in on nutrition

Have a great one!

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Susan said...

I know that humid - unfortunately here in Texas, it's 90% of the year.

Puppy! I want puppy pics!