Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inspiring, Mr. Smith

There's "Breaking Away"
and Rocky, Rocky 2 and heck, Rocky 3
There's "The Mighty Ducks" and "Miracle on Ice"
and my personal favorite "Chariots of Fire" So what inspirational movie does Trihubby bring home on the inaugural eve of our 2006 tri season?

Isn't that a movie about competing assassin spouses who race against time to see who can off the other first? I admit to being ever so slightly competitive with Trihubby, but this might be taking things a little far. I mean, loosening the elastic of his running shorts to slow him down is one thing, but going Smith is a little extreme I think,

In the off chance that this was no mere Freudian slip, the life insurance documents are under the...

Check that, if Mr. Smith wins he'll just have to live without the money. I'll be contacting John Edwards in a few years to let The Tribe know how I'm doing and instruct Hyphen Girl in how to cash in on the annuity.

Mr. "I do this because Trimama makes me" Smith must have been feeling rather perky come race morning, he finished in the top 10 in his 30-39 age group and top 25 overall.

Seriously, I'm proud of the ol Trihubby. He has trained really hard and the training is paying off. I think if I make him work just a little more in the "chase each other around the room" time trials, he ought to be able to drop his run times even more.

Congrats to all you racers this weekend! Iron Wil, Curly Sue, Robo Stu, Tri Buddah, and all the etc. we love and admire.

Long, hard training week that kicks off with a 4.5 hour bike and 15 min run- gosh I hope it doesn't rain.

Anyone who feels so inspired, please feel free to email Trihubby with a selection of favorite pre race movies.


Iron Pol said...

Just to check, would that be 4.5 hour ride and 15 MILE run. If so, eat well, be safe, have fun. If 15 minutes is, in fact accurate, that must be one heck of a ride you have scheduled.

Comm's said...

Good job Mr. Tri-Mama.

Habeela said...

What? A movie about a dynamic married duo? It makes sense to me (but then again I haven't seen the movie).

Chris said...

I hope it warms up for the weekend for your long ride (although you're a lot tougher than I am in that regard).

Regarding your question, I'd rather ride on flat ground than have to ride hills, but that's just me. There's not much coasting downhill though. I usually try and pedal downhill so I hit the following uphill rise with a little more momentum.