Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's 5 am, do you know where your butt butter is?

What a weekend! It's been up to 95 degrees, 50-60% humidty and winds gusting to 30 mph. A perfect Florida training ground. My training plan for the weekend called for a 3:30 ride with a 20 min run, and a 3600 swim and a 1:20 hilly run. Trihubby and I started the weekend early with a mid morning open water swim at boob beach. The weekend hadn't officially started yet, so the beach was empty with the exception of a couple of moms with kids. Buck naked Boy came along and played in the sand while we swam. This beach is a perfect training locale, with clear water and a 120 yard swim lane that never tops 4.5 feet. The water temp was about 63 degress and a little painful at first, but we warmed up fast. We covered about 1500 yards or so. By Saturday, when we brought The Tribe over for a cool down swim, the water temp had jumped several degrees, and apparantly word is out about boob beach, because it was teeming with testosterone laden, tight bod, eye candy, which was nice, if you're into that sort of thing :) There is a hook up beach on the other side of the lake, which is typically where all the skin is on display; I really hope this isn't the start of a migration. It's nice to have a family friendly locale. Ironically, the gay beach is adjacent to the playground beach, so going there can be a crap shoot. It's difficult enough to keep The Tribe civil when they see a guy and a girl in the throes of passion, there is no point in trying when it's two guys, it's akin to seeing someone streak naked.

Saturday morning dawned early with a 3:30 bike planned. Trihubby rode out with me for the first 9 miles, I love having him as a training partner- Then I was on my own. I pushed the pace out to the lake where my half is on June 10th, then followed the race course which is currently marked out in spray paint arrows. I'm glad to have the opportunity to train on the course, there are some surprises out there I wouldn't want to hit on race day. There is one turn in particular at the bottom of a hill you hit going 27 mph easily, warning to the wise, slow down or you shoot right past the turn. This course is great as it goes by lakes and horse farms, with a great wide shoulder to ride, and plenty of small towns to re fuel in. The wind began to kick up, and I hit Wayzata (that's Why-zeta, not Way-zata for you 90210 fans) at 3:40 and 62 miles (oops, overshot the turn around by five miles), not being one to over train, I called Trihubby to come and pick me up.

Yes I am a wuss, but I was still 7 miles from home.

Now here is the quirky thing, the cyclometer read 58 miles and the Garmin read 62. I think my cyclometer is set for 700 and my bike has 650's- would that account for the discrepency?

Talk about your jack up tan lines, I have a permanant, "My gosh that woman does not know how to apply make up" white line from the chin strap of my bike helmet- yea me. Thanks for pointing that out Hyphen Girl.

Payback is a be-otch though. Guess who stepped up to the dunk tank at the Memorial day party when HG was on the platform? One pitch.

Strike!!!! The hapless Twins should be calling any day :) Go Trimama Go!

Sunday dawned hot and even windier, so I waited until 8 that night to go run. It was 92 when I set out and 87 when I returned.

Somewhere out on the run it occured to me that I should race with Trihubby next weekend at Buffalo. I think the heat was affecting my judgement.

Buffalo is Sunday. Liberty is the following Saturday. Two races in less than a week?

Here is my thinking: I'm supposed to swim 4000, bike 2:30 and 30 min run as a final big training Saturday. I think doing an Olympic course is a suitable substitute. It will give me a chance to boost my swimming confidence, the bike is a hilly 24 miles and the run is a 10K. Plus, Chris Leigh and
Natasha Badman are racing with us little people. So, that is worth the price of admission. Plus the swag bag rocked last year.

So, while I'd love to spank this course the way it spanked me last year, I'm going to use it as a training "c" race to get my nutrition finalized, clinch the open swim confidence, and most importantly, finish a race longer than a sprint prior to doing a half freakin ironman.

I'll have five days to taper, so we're good

I hope.

Oh yea, I completed the weekend training by swimming 2500 at boob beach Monday morning.

I think we're ready.

Let's get it on!


Kewl Nitrox said...

Sigh, why aren't there beaches like that in Singapore? I am refering to the hard body eye candy portion and not the gay beach, thank you very much.

Wow... racing with chris and badman... That has gotta be enuff motivation to train. Try to take some pics of their bikes ok? :D

Cliff said...

That session with Chris is definitely interesting.

Do you wear your tan lines with pride? :) i do that all the time.

Paulie said...

Actually the difference in the tire setting for your cyclometer would not account for the difference in overall distances. Since your cyclometer is set for larger tires it would over-estimate the distance, not under. You might want to check the sensor position. Sometimes if it is not adjusted right it will pick up only every other rotation of the wheel. Oh, and set it up for the right wheels too!

Habeela said...

Go Trimama! Battling the obscene temperatures and adding races. Sounds like you're ready to roll!

Chris said...

Finally we're getting a little reprieve from the heat!

Sounds like your training is going well! I haven't done anything tri club related or anything like that recently. You?

I'm not doing Buffalo, but have a great time! I wish I were able to go, but I think Carol would get mad if I skipped to wedding to meet Natasha. :) But wish Trihubby luck for me! :)

tri buddah said...

Yet another reason to thank god I live in northern california... Moderate temps, while it does get warm here it usually cools at night and no humidity to speak of, but trainig in those conditions will definetly pay dividends for your IM, puttin it in the bank for withdrawl on race day!! good luck on race day

Comm's said...

Its funny in the arts community I grew up in, which was along a long lake shore, we had names for beaches too, tomato beach is your boob beach, unemployment beach was another.