Monday, May 15, 2006

My goodness, spring is busy

Happy Mother's Day!

I am posting worm. (flogging continues) Trihubby has duly chastised me for not posting more frequently, stating I have some "good" material to post on.

Great, I've become blog comic relief for Trihubby.

You might as well know, I crashed my bike yesterday. Going zero. In my basement. On my trainer.

Don't ask.

We had a lovely mom's day, complete with brunch at one of the finest tequila establishments on earth (110 varieties) and I partook in nary a drop. In spite of Hyphen Girl's bating. Tequila and training do not mix-although, could you do worse than crashing your bike on your trainer? I'm sticking with my sworn oath and training regimen. Which plans for a rest day today, but I think I will get in a light bike ride, since the trainer spin was uninspiring.

The schedule heats up at the end of the week with a 3:30 bike and a 4000 yd swim on Friday and a 2 hour run on Saturday. A perfect antidote to my Friday evening freak out as I contemplated doing a half iron in 4 weeks having never completed a full olympic distance race. But, now we're all good.

Thursday I go to pick up the newest member of our family- I guarantee this will be the most loved dog in the world.

Have a good one


Shelley said...

O.k...everyone all at once say..AWWWWWWWWW that is one cute pupper!!

Chris said...

OMG that dog is cute! I bet he'll be plenty spoiled by the tribe.

Are you doing this weekend's long run at GW? I think they have a supported run this weekend? The duathlon is this weekend too. Ugh. I'm not really looking forward to that one.

TriSaraTops said...

Sooooo cute!!! Good luck with the training this week!

Flatman said...

That pup almost looks human! Cute!

Curly Su said...

i've done the trainer thing's easier than it sounds, i know.

have a blast with your new puppy!

Bridget said...

lol, um sorry about the bike crash. I trust no one, or nothing was injured?

That puppy sure is cute!! Way to make sure you are up for your early morning workouts!

greyhound said...

I don't know if I'm buyin' the "no tequila" representation. Did they do a blood alcohol test after the accident?

Flo said...

That puppy is too cute. Now comes the housebreaking....

Iron Pol said...

4000 yard swim. That makes my head hurt. The 1000 yards I did this morning was a test all by itself.

As for the bike accident, a fall in the basement with no forward momentum beats the heck out of a fall in a race at 15-20 miles per hour, on asphalt, with people watching.

Fe-lady said...

Oh my goodness...what will you (or the kids) name this puppy? I can't's SO LITTLE!
Your workouts sound crazy but necessary and I bet you are getting so STRONG!
Glad you had a great mom's day! I did too!

Comm's said...

Their always cute as pups but until they grow over twenty pounds their not a real dog, their a purse pooch.

Mojo said...

Great picture of the kids!

Crashed your bike on the trainer? Ouch! And you didn't drinking ANYthing?

You new puppy is too cute. I'm late reading this post but I think your picking it up today! How exciting!